Huaraca Nerf

Does anyone know what the deal is with this in the PuP? How are Inca supposed to deal with artillery if their culv equivalent gets its damage decreased by half? if the unit is too strong against all units then why doesn’t it just get the 2x multiplier against artillery instead of infantry?


It’s a very strange change that seems to have very little reasoning to it.

Huaraca was never OP, the stronghold was OP and allowed you to have a lot of huaracas and little anti-cav. Stronghold got nerfed, that was enough.

Certainly the huaracas don’t need a nerf, if they wish to change them then add +10 range and make them worse vs other units not artillery.


In my opinion. The Incas should have access to captured cannons and mortars, be able to craft them at the same population cost as European cannons, and have captured cannons function as anti-artillery/anti-infantry.

The Huaracas would have to be the equivalent of the Abus Gun or the Grenadiers.

PS: cannons and mortars would have to be enabled for the age of fortresses.

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Huaraca OP vs inf and buildings

cav can solve the problem.

I suggest nerf their multiply vs cav to the ground like 0.1

force player the build more anti-cav to protect them

it can slow down the attack, gain you more time for massing expensive cav

I would undo the PUP Huaraca nerf… #justice4Inca


I would add a x2 against artillery, but keep the changes.

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Part of the problem is that they look nearly identical to Bolas warriors which makes it really difficult to focus down one or the other.