Huaracas take too many roles and movable shipment point is too insane

Inca Huaracas, should act like an anti-artillery and building, now are countering all infantry and artillery with siege range attack, can take mortar’s role with age 4 card .

They are much better than abus but cheaper with better eco
What they actually being countered is only cav but in team game they can be protected by teammates.

Aren’t this too much?

This was a 2v2 team game 2 Incas vs 2 Germans record and that I am new to use Inca, I didn’t have coordination with my teammate and just get my based destroyed. My teammate can uses huaracas with some pikes to defend 2 German attack and I was just sending invisible chasquis in his base for infinity army shipments. My opponents was trying to wall but it is completely useless because my chasquis were just standing inside around his base and keep sending shipment.
At last although my base was destroyed when German hits age3 with strongest timing, we still can fight back with OP idea.

Here is the record on 2/Apr with last patch but I don’t know why this is not working, dev should be able to fix it and watch how it works.
Incas.age3Yrec (5.7 MB)

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Cannons do have an edge against them through longer range. The problem is, cannons are busy dancing so that goes out the window.

LI also works well against them.
Also LC.
I’d say the Inca problem is the chimu runner.

I have played a lot artilleries can’t work well against huaracas. I also mentioned already and I don’t mind they can get more multiplier to artillery, others are too much.

Try to click this one, this is a common knowledge in original AOE3 that avoid artillery attack.

I don’t know why you guys don’t consider movable shipment point is a problem, even chasqui can invisible.
If dev is able to fix the record, you can see the opponent walled but he just didn’t know where my army came out and he could’t do anything.

I also mentioned chimu runner is a problem many times, but they got nerfed speed in last patch.

I already posted record here, don’t want to bla bla bla just talking, however if all you guys can’t watch the record, this is game problem.

Yes, and stagger mode means they will get into ranger slower, so they can’t all fight at once, thus reducing effectiveness.

I don’t think this is a balance issue. The invisible drop shipment can be countered easily with spies/explorers. It just requires game knowledge.

Like most civs missing dedicated artillery, those roles must be distributed to other units. Same applies to inca.

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Lately it is happening to me very often that my opponents (ahemDutchejemEnglandejemjem) spam a lot of falconets and protect them well with anticab, so the chimus cannot do much, there is nothing else but to use huaracas, which I have to use in suicidal mode because before can fire against the cannons, and half was killed by the falconets. I’m talking about mid-level games, where a European civi reaches fortresses and sends 2 falconets, do you know how difficult it is to kill them with huaracas? And please don’t tell me to use chimus, no offense but you have to be very bad to micro so that your cannons are destroyed by the chimus. If you want to balance them, increase your costs and tweak your multipliers so that it doesn’t work like a senior Iroquois field gun, but give it more range so it can crust the canons efficiently. Finally, a skin change would be great, because sometimes it is difficult to differentiate them from other Inca units (both for the opponent and for the Inca player himself).

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Best way is reduce range siege attack, give multiplier against artillery and buff range, to fit their role.