Huge FPS drops in AMD RX 6600 + possible cause of problem

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  • GAME BUILD #: 78757 and April PUP (but it happened in prior versions before)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Basically the problem is that some time ago, when I was using my integrated GPU Vega 11, the game ran fine.
But after I bought a RX 6600 the game started to stutter and lose FPS after, like, 20 minutes in the game (reaching even 10 FPS). This is the only game where this problem happens.
This problem does not happen with my integrated GPU (which ran the game fine) from this PC (Vega 11), neither with the iGPU from my notebook (a Vega 8 from a Ryzen # ############### One of the solutions that I’ve read online is that I should set the minimum CLK of the GPU at 90%. Doing this the game runs fine in cycles, like 5-10 seconds runs at 60 FPS and then there is a pause/stutter (or varios stutters) and the FPS drops to <20 or more.
All other solutions (rolling back a driver, record the screen, use another program on main focus, etc) produces the same result.
I’ve included screenshots of my AMD configuration (screenshot 1) and how in the game just prior to a stutter the GPU CLK goes down to <100 MHz.
The cycles goes like this

  1. Game runs fine (screenshot 1)\
  2. MHz drops to low level → Stutter and drop in FPS (screenshot 2 and 3)
  3. MHz goes high again (screenshot 4)
  4. FPS comes back (screenshot 5)
  5. MHz goes down again and get huge drop in FPS (screen shots 6, 7 and 8)
  6. Without the minimum CLK in my configuration the game runs the same but with more stutter (like all the time instead of cycles).
    In MP the problem was even worse, but I didn’t want to ruin other player’s matches just for a report.
    Due to the nature of the problem and its causes (lowering the MHz for some reason), could it be related to eco saving mode or that the game has a “Marginal” rating on the AMD Adrenaline software. I think if that thing is confirmed maybe a report from the devs will have more impact that my bug report on AMD Adrenaline :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue (you must have a RX 6600):

To reproduce the problems

  1. In the Main Menu->Single Player-Skirmish Mode
  2. Start a 4vs4 vs AI And play normally
  3. After some minutes the game will go from 60 FPS to 15 FPS with lot of stuttering
  4. This stutter agravates with time, so the first 5 minutes will go well, but like in the 30 minute mark the game becomes nearly unplayable.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

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The game should run well on a RX 6600 and not have FPS drops all the time, nor stuttering.

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I’ve included the screenshots + a screenshot of my AMD configuration in a GDrive folder (couldn’t upload the images on the forum) + DxDiag file

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So since the last patch 81058 (I don’t know if it was intentional or not) the performance is much better.
It still looks (using the same monitor software) that sometimes it drops to very low MHz, but it is not so frequent than before and now team games on MP are playable (unlike before).
So thanks guys. I will still need to test playing a high demanding TG in MP (like late imperial Black Forest/Amazon Tunnel/Arena/Fortress) so I think that I will update this thread in case something bad happens then.

It is a well-known issue that AMD graphic cards often experience problems when running AGE OF EMPIRES II DE. This has been reported by numerous players and there are several reasons for this. According to data, AMD graphic cards do not perform as well as their Nvidia counterparts when it comes to DirectX 11, which is the graphics API used by the game. This results in lower frame rates, stuttering, and other performance issues. Additionally, some players have reported issues with AMD’s driver software conflicting with the game’s software, causing crashes and other technical problems. These issues have been acknowledged by both AMD and the game developers.

I have been experiencing this issue with my RX6600M. I was using dxvk but that is having issues now too after the latest AOE2DE update. The colours look very washed up.
If I delete the DXVK DLL, the frame drops return.