Huge framerate drop while moving the camera

Hey guys,
I just wanted to rise awareness, that this seems to be a huge problem for players with mediocre PCs that should be able to play on medium settings with 30+ fps.
While moving the camera (literally all the time in a RTS) the framerate drops to rockbottom.

You can disable pan acceleration but that just makes it slightly better.

Probably nothing we can do for now, but for me it´s literally unplayble and I have a dedicated graphics card (1050) with newest drivers .


Not only when moving the camera, the exact same thing happens when focusing on sea areas, apparently it is a problem with the Relic graphics engine, because the exact same thing happened in the CoH3 prealpha. In order not to feel drops of less than 60 frames, your GPU should be at 40-50% load with the camera idle. Which with good graphics that is achieved with an RTX 3000 in this game (and we’re barely talking 1080p so imagine 4K). This is because the GPU load is doubled, something is wrong with that graphics engine.


Same thing here, game runs smoothly 60fps most of the time, but when panning the camera it cuts the framerate in less than half.