Huge miss on new variant civs

Jade Emporer is actually an insult to Chinese culture, might as well call it Panda Wok. Of course, you name an entire civ after Jean. Army of the sultan? Just lazy. The most disappointing is not adding a crusader or tuetonic order.

A campaign from the Muslim perspective is interesting and actually fresh but it seems to be another attempt at pushing a false narrative about the crusades. If anyone is interested in learning more about the crusades from a non-biased perspective, I highly recommend watching the youtube video “Why The Crusades Were Awesome, Actually”.


Speaking of “false narratives about the Crusades”, the comments here were enlightening:

Yeah, just read the comments and don’t actually watch the video. Dont want to challenge any pre-conceived thoughts or opinions in 2023.

Jade emperor is a lot different than the actual name Empire of Jade. Granted Empire of Jade is like calling a Roman empire variant the Empire of Purple since both represent aristocracy (which is kinda meh). At least it’s not mythological however.

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Soon we will get an Empire of the Purple (Byzantines), Empire of Ponnies (The Mongols)
Pure insult…

They did, 19-year-old girl is now a whole civilization…
She lasted only 3 years and was burned into ashes lol

Yep, there were many Sultans, I don’t know which one they are talking about, and when they want to add another Sultan’s army, they will name it “Another Sultan’s Army” LOL

The names of this DLC really damaged my hype in too many ways.
Let’s hope the decision makes will change these atrocious names from these variant civs.


Information is information. I didn’t tell anyone to ignore the video, and I found the thread searching for the title you told me to search for.

Are you saying the comments are incorrect?

It’s just a beginning.A few updates after we will even hard to meet historically-based civs in ranking.BASED.

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It’s a fun game! Let’s come up with new civs’ names!

English: That guy who killed Will Wallace’s wife in Braveheart’s army
Ottomans: Big hat empire
HRE: Knock, knock, who’s there? Not Holy, Not Roman, Not an Empire


What is most disappointing is the fact that the Middle East-themed DLC does not add at least one civ from this region - this is actually unique in the entire history of the AoE series.



It’s like they used ChatGPT to come up with the names for everything, even the actual DLC’s name.

Sultan’s Ascend and we have two civs with no sultans and the variant of Abbasid is wrong because they had no sultans either.

Who came up with all this? I assume there must have been at least a team meeting. Did nobody say “hey guys, isn’t this weird?”

It’s like calling the last John Wick movie “The Rainbow” or something like that.


The game already has civilizations from the middle-east, besides they add a whole new campaign that has this theme so you are getting something new content wise.

Can’t have it all! Maybe next expansion they will do that so who knows, as long as the content that comes with this expansion is great, then that what matters the most in the end, at least to me.

That title sounds totally non-biased.

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The title actually sucks but the information is solid.

Here are the 2 most liked comments:

“Oh hell nah, anybody that thinks the crusades were awesome should write a 5 page essay about…*emotional expletive, expletive” - the person obiviously didnt watch video. I agree the title is lame but that’s not what the video is about at all.

“So I watched the intro and that’s all I have energy for. And I already know where it’s going” - Do I really need to comment? lol

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I still can’t believe we’re gonna see such an Orientalism concept like “Jade Empire” in 2023. This concept is not that different from calling Chinese “panda empire”, “rice empire”, “kung fu empire”. I wouldn’t say it’s humiliating or insulting. But I can sense that relic is quite ignorant of history.


Completely agree. I suspect it’s an extremely small but vocal faction of relic pulling these “modern take” moves. But what’s ironic is that these moves accomplish the total opposite effect and tend to be demeaning toward the targeted party.

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Well, if the name “Jade Empire” doesn’t appeal to the vast majority of Chinese players, after the final product comes out, and we have more screenshots of what it will offer, then I do think they could change it. The developers have been very open to modifying many aspects of the game for balance or historicity issues, I don’t think this will be the exception in the future.

Of course, one might wonder if the name was consulted before with Chinese users. I mean, practically more than 20% of the mods in the community section are made by Chinese users, and that’s just in AoE4, one is surprised by the number of users who make campaigns and mods for AoE2:DE.