Hun Tarkan Buff(effected by Arson) and some other possible changes for the Huns

Possible Hun Buffs/Changes

  1. Allow the Hun Tarkan to be effected by Arson.
    (This is to bring Tarkan dps to decent heights in the endgame especially vs civs with full building armor upgrades)

  2. Tarkans generate resources when attacking certain buildings similar to or less than a keshik - Castles/towers = stone and gold, Eco Buildings = food, Military Buildings = gold
    Or perhaps taking into account whatever each building is built with and however much said building costs while only gaining a portion of the full amount of res, perhaps 50% or 25% - another option just being a straight up gold income from attacking buildings, perhaps some buildings generate more or less based on type.

  3. Marauders may be a decent tech to place the arson effect into the Tarkans in addition to the current effect.

  4. Atheism: additional effects beyond current effects: Enemy monk/missionary and herbal medicine/garrison healing speed -50%, and ally units are immune to conversion(or just the huns’ units if it would be too op when allied with persians)

Ideas from others:

I don’t think Huns need any buff
But Tarkans are OP against buildings already; +3/+4 PA and +8/+10 bonus against buildings; +10 bonus against castles (WTF!!!)
Why you want to give them more bonus?
Regular Champion with Arson has +6 bonus against buildings (Goth Champion has +7), and not even a close PA
Tarkans are even a better choice against archers that the Knight-line

I do think Tarkans need a buff against regular buildings though. They are great against castles, but not against average buildings.


And thats the only area i would buff them, but id just increase that bonud damage, i wouldnt do anything the op is listing.


Yeah, that’s what I would probably want to do as well.

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If we are gonna buff Huns I think it’s about time to buff Franks and Mayans then, some civs that haven’t had any love for a while:


  • Receive access to bloodlines
  • Castles -25%/-50%/-75%/-100% cost per age, starting in the dark age
  • Castles available in the dark age
  • Throwing axemen +60 damage against spearmen


  • Start the game with +5 villagers instead of +1
  • Archer line -35%/-70%/-105% cost per age
  • Team bonus reworked into Walls are free and built instantly when placed
  • Resources last longer reworked into Resources never run out

How the 105% less cost would work?
This should the best proposal so far

You get 2 gold and 1 wood for making an archer instead of paying, it’s balanced because u still have to make the archery ranges


lmao now that’s what i call buffing xD Nicely done!

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If I would change anything about Tarkans, then I would make them attack as fast as knights and change Marauders so it increases their anti-building attacks even further.
Huns already have Paladins from stables. Better make the Tarkan a very neat castle unit with really nice utility. Currently most of the time you just don’t really know which unit to chose over the other and usually then just stick with the familiar knight line. (if you don’t go for cav archers ofc)

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Tarkan even need more buff? They are amazing even in current state but people just using familiar knight line and knights are also strong and just don’t need tech switch to Tarkan. But Elite Tarkan with 170HP and 8PA is probably most versatile Cavalry UU in the game.
Also Huns are very strong civ in open map with great eco and bonus in both stable and Cav Archer. I don’t want to see more buffed Tarkan without nerfing Huns otherwise.

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I would honestly remove Siege and possibly Capped Ram from the Huns’ tech tree. Of course, I’d give them Siege Onager and maybe Heavy Scorpion as a compromise.

The way I see it, is that Tarkans are essentially mounted Rams that exchange infinite pierce armour & DPS vs buildings for speed & the ability to fight units. Sure, you can mass up both just as easily thanks to Marauders, but would you really use Tarkans when you have Rams that can do the job just as well? In my experience, the only reason I would make Tarkans in the first place is if I needed to move my anti-building from point A to B to C in record time. Their pierce armour is nice, but if I wanted to take down archers, then I’ve got Paladins for that.

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give them onagers so they can at least cut trees


this made me chuckle, goes well with the notion of how devs give new civs a unit or tech 1 age earlier lately (Cavalier for Burgundians, Chemistry for Bohemians etc.)

this one also :’)

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I wonder if a new civ could be the opposite, one tech available an age later but with a compensation for that

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That is very good. How about we also remove the gold cost from Mamelukes and we also give FU Paladins to Britons and Chinese

Definitely possible, but imo due to the snowball effect you might need to compensate them quite significantly. As games are more prone to end earlier than later. meaning whatever tech they get later needs compensation in the age they miss it, or earlier.

Example getting stronger bloodlines in Imperial, means you’re still dead in castle if you don’t have an excellent eco for your cav

And Conversely you end up with the potential for OP civs in closed maps where the earlier compensation stacks with the later tech.

But definitely think it can lead to some interesting civ differences. Like Vikings could get TR back but only available in Imperial, since their eco is so good.

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