Hungarian revolution with Georgian Hussars

So interesting thing while poking around

The new Georgian Hussars card for Russia sends normal hussars, so they are all converted to Magyar Hussars after the Kovats’ Legion card is sent

So you can potentially get like 30 1k HP hussars though it is pretty pricey and I havent really thought about a build for this yet

someone can start cooking


Thanks, will be trying this later.


holy hell, that sound super op if you manage to pull it off.

It’s a little hard to pull off because you lack a 1k coin age up to industrial like brits have when going for the 2k coin ranger tech. Church card isn’t needed though so you can ship 600 and 700 coin and also 1k coin. From there though you also need 1k res of each resource to revolt and you need 1500 food for the kovak card. I guess you could skip mercantilism and factory cards like other revolts often do and instead just ship crates.

yeah after trying this casually it doesnt really work as like a fast timing.

as something you do to break a lategame stalemate with everything set up maybe

welp it happened sooner then I thought some madman did it


This is actually an awesome strat.