Hungary a not very unique revolution that needs help

Hello and good day, I have been analyzing the Hungarian revolution for a while and I realized that it has many problems based on its “unique” units, which I consider are annoying and leave the revolution overshadowed and limited by current mechanics.

1.- Play with the Ottomans obligatorily to train Magyar hussars

Let’s be honest, the majority who play the revolution do so because the Magyar hussars are very effective, similarly to the Chilean death hussars, but the problem is that there are people who do not like to play with the Ottomans and there are very few who opt for the version of grenadiers or pandurn’s offered by Germany and Russia

2.- Grenadiers and Hussars Magyares are really unique?
Currently there are 3 ways to obtain these powerful units, the first would be the revolution with the Ottomans/Russians, the second would be to ally with the house of Habsburg with the big button ability and the third option in the case of the hussars which I consider somewhat broken It would be with the United States with the “Kovat’s Legion” card allowing them to be trained. The problem is how reliable this is, although it is true that the United States version of this unit is a little less strong as well as expensive compared to the Ottoman version. in that it would not make much sense to play with Germans, Russians, Ottomans and Maltese since you already have said unit with all the benefits of not sacrificing your imperial age in addition to the cards that these units grant for the number of blockhouses/towers left somewhat useless against this letter and the ability of the Habsburgs

3.-The revolution is made to grant different effects and units depending on which country is revolutionized, so it would not make sense for it to have the same units?

I sincerely believe that the concept is good but poorly implemented, there are revolutions like Argentina and Brazil that retain the same effect regardless of the country you play with, I think that Hungary should have all its grenadier units as cavalry but that the buffs are applied depending on the country you play
to finish this I think it would be fair because you are sacrificing your imperial age to get something good

I am not against the United States having the Hussars Magyars, in fact it seems good to me because it is something historical and it is the reward for reaching the Imperial age

Limiting a revolution that leaves a lot for so few benefits seems to be something that people are not interested in, unlike Texas, which is very popular and even used
It is much better to play with the United States than a country from which you can revolutionize Hungary, adding the fact that the Mexican revolutions have a very extensive range of things to offer, unlike this old revolution, thanks for your attention, friends.

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