Hungary & Romania

I probably havent played with the Revolutions enough, to talk about the need to balance/buff/nerf them, but I certainly disike (from an aestetic point of view) the fact that Romania and Hungary are so similar (almost identical) especially since they are both available to almost the same Civs - so I would suggest to do a few changes to their home-city cards to make them more different from each other.

These are my suggestions:

  • Remove Crabats from the Hungarians to make them Romania only
  • Remove Hadjuks from the Hungarians to make them Romania only (Hungarians keep Pandours)
  • Remove Pandours from Romania to make them Hungarian only (Romanians keep Hadjuks)
  • Make the “Hungarian Hussars”-card enabling Hussars either in stables or in Outposts/Blockhouses for Russians and Germans (they can upgrade Hussars to veteran/guard status with cards: winged Hussars for Germany, unique chrurch-card for Russians)
  • Increase the speed of Hungarian Magyars by 10% to fit the theme
  • Make the Romanian Horse-Artillery 10% faster to fit the theme.

I would like to second this. I’ve been exploring revolutions recently (I just play against moderate AI because I’m too stressed for stuff), and it just feels weird for me to not be able to train Magyar Hussars as the Germans or Russians. (Not sure about Hungarian Grenadiers, since I don’t use grenadiers that much)

The Pandours literally started Romania’s 1812 uprising that paved the road towards independence and brought an end to the phanariote era. They deserve to be part of Romania’s roster.

They were also a recognized social class in 19th century Romania, but not in Hungary.

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I am Romanian and we have our own Pandours in Oltenia (it’s a local region). Also Hajduks aren’t Romanian only. They are spefic to the Balkans. I’m fine with Romania having both Pandours and Hajduks.

Crabats aren’t a Romanian unit btw. They are Croatian cavalry !! So it’s an Austro-Hungarian Empire thing dude. @Barath424

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