Huns Architecture

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is there a mod to change the architecture of the Huns? Asian style buildings would be more appropriate it seems to me.

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East Asian Architecture Set wouldn’t be perfect for Huns civ, but it would definitely be better for them than the Central European Architecture Set.

The obvious thing is that not only the Hun civs but also the Mongols and Cumans civs SHOULD receive their own brand new Nomadic Architecture Set - this could open the way for civs such as the Khazars and Jurchens.


The problem with Architecture Sets is that there are so many good candidates for new A.S. but apparently there are no people who could create them.

Do Architecture Sets have to have a minimum number of civs in them of 4 civs??? In my opinion it shouldn’t be like this!

Everyone talks about the Caucasian, Balkan and Nomadic Architecture Sets, but there are even more good potential candidates. Many new Architecture Sets could be created from the civs that are already in the game, such as:

  1. Caucasian
  2. Balkan
  3. Nomadic
  4. Northern European
  5. Italian / or Iberian
  6. Coptic
  7. Chinese
  8. Maghrebian
  9. Andean

By creating completely brand new civs, it would be possible to expand the above list by:

  1. Alpine
  2. Hanseatic
  3. Himalayan
  4. West African
  5. Bantu

And probably even more…

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There is AbeJin. If someone is willing to pay a few thousand dollars.

East Asian or Central Asian?

Yes, exactly this. I would have been well on my way to creating that new Caucasian set if he didn’t charge so much for his services. Unfortunately, I didn’t foresee my inability to negotiate with him, which means that I simply cannot afford his work. And most other people probably can’t either.

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You can look for someone else who is cheaper,im sure there are capable freelance graphic designers around the world.


Yes, but would they have the connection to the game that he has, which gave him a drive to do it?

I paid a guy to modify some slides and he doesn’t care about AoE2. It doesn’t mean he didn’t do a good job


You’re gonna be surprised what you can commission for less than 1% of Abe’s price.


Huns with Mongols and Cumans need new “steppe” architecture

There are some buildingds in the game already

yurts and shrine


the huns spent most of their existence in europe, why do you think an asian architecture set would fit them. the only reference for huns in Asia is disney’s mulan, where they call the mongols huns.

we don’t know much about the huns before they started attacking the goth, but to the best of our knowledge they started out in europe north of the caucasus and then migrated west along the black sea

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The Huns were nomadic warriors, likely from Central Asia, who are best known for invading and terrorizing Europe in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D.

*Some scholars believe they originated from the nomad Xiongnu people who entered the historical record in 318 B.C. and terrorized China during the Qin Dynasty and during the later Han Dynasty. The Great Wall of China was reportedly built to help protect against the mighty Xiongnu.

Other historians believe the Huns originated from Kazakhstan, or elsewhere in Asia.*


Everyone is talking about creating a new architecture set. I’m answering this question from a modding perspective: Without a data mod, it’s not possible, even if you have created a new set. (Data mod is not available to ranked games)

The game doesn’t expose the code to you which civ uses which architecture. There are only graphics files named “CentralEuropean…” etc. If you mod those you change the architecture for 4 civs.

That’s why I have been requesting devs to make civ-architecture mapping open to us (likely as a json file). It would be so easy to do and we won’t need to bump a thread daily to ask them for Persian architecture change. @StepS7578


Physical descriptions of the Huns by Romans match with descriptions/art of Middle Ages Mongols.

The word “Hun” is suspiciously close to “Hunnu” which is the name the people of Mongolia called themselves during Antiquity (The Chinese name for them is the more well-known “Xiongnu”). The word “Hu” is the Mongolian word for “people”, so its likely means that the genesis of the word is somewhere within a Mongolic language.

Their way of battle is also suspiciously similar to Asian horse nomads. Hit and run tactics, and plentiful mounted archers.

Now, nobody is 100% sure where the Huns can from, but their origin is certainly within Asia given their similar name, physical appearance and tactics.

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-maybe they were originally from central asia
-central asia doesn’t justify the east asian building set
-even if their origins were central asian, the territory they controlled at the beginning of the aoe2 time period was entirely in europe

some scholars and this is 700 years before the aoe2 time period

After the defeat by the Han dynasty, the northern branch of the Xiongnu retreated north-westward; their descendants may have migrated through the and consequently they may have some degree of cultural and genetic continuity with the Huns

“may have” twice, and “some degree of cultural and genetic continuity”.

physical descriptions of the Huns by the Romans were usually attempts to depict them as monsters

So were the seljuk turks. Turkic people are also from the central asian steppes, should they also be given the east asian building set with pagodas and bamboo?

Similarly the Sicilians represent the Normans who are descended from the Vikings, so should Sicilians get the same architecture as the Vikings? There are lots of examples like this.

The Huns represent the Huns as they were when they attacked the Goths and then the Roman empire.
Do they have their origins in central/western Asia? probably.
Does it make sense to give them the east asian building set? no, not at all. they probaly never saw bamboo in their life.
Is the current building set perfect for them? no. In a different world, where we remake the architecture for every civ they get more tents or yurts in the first few ages and then more germanic/slavic looking buildings to show the influence of the many ####### they took (edit: don’t know why the word for subjugated kingdom, starting with a V was censored)


The had definitely their roots in asia,

But Yes, the east asian architecture set (which is mixed chinese and japanese buildind i practice) is non sense, same with central european (german) architecture

the solution is give them own “nomadic” architecture, which they will share with Mongols and Cumans

By the time they reached Europe they had intermingled with so many cultures and people for centuries. Genetics are all over the place and there is very little genuine info on the huns, their culture, even their language is a mystery as the only hunnic language we have are just Germanic translations. We only have the Romans and others to go on and they often portrayed them in the most uncharitable ways imaginable.

I really like the idea of a mod to change the Huns’ architecture to something more appropriate – at least to use while playing the Attila the Hun campaign. But figuring out what “more appropriate” means in the Huns’ case is pretty difficult.

According to Wikipedia (based, I think, entirely on one source):

######## reports that the Huns had no buildings, but in passing mentions that the Huns possessed tents and wagons. Maenchen-Helfen believes that the Huns likely had “tents of felt and sheepskin”: Priscus once mentions Attila’s tent, and Jordanes reports that Attila lay in state in a silk tent. However, by the middle of the fifth century, the Huns are also known to have owned permanent wooden houses, which Maenchen-Helfen believes were built by their Gothic subjects.

The obvious thing would be to change houses to yurts… except Huns don’t build houses! (I’ve always found it weird that they build universities but not houses.)

In DE, it’s prohibitively difficult for a modder to make destruction animations, which pretty much limits you to using graphics that are already in the game. I can see arguments in favour of several architecture sets: Central European, Eastern European, Central Asian, Mediterranean – but in all cases, I can see even stronger arguments against.