Huns should be able to build houses (yurts)

As quick walling with houses is part of the meta, the inability of Huns to make houses put them at a disadvantage in certain situations that can discourage novice players learning from expert’s videos to try them. I propose Huns should be able to build houses/yurts at the standard cost even when they are not needed for pop caps.
I know palisade wall is economically much better than house walls but much harder to perform (I also think that houses foundations shouldn’t have any armour, same as walls, but perhaps this can be discussed on a different topic). I see this more like a quality of life feature rather than a balance thing seen it is about you used to certain hotkeys to building quickly in case of emergency.


It’s a trade-off. Not having to build houses is one of the best bonuses of the game. It’s quite fair that they need to quickwall better.


I think it wasn’t an intended trade-off though. They have other limitations in the tech tree and starts with less wood for that. The bonus was designed when house quick walling wasn’t popular, houses were more expensive. Since then Huns has mostly received nerfs which was ok for balance. As I said, I don’t think that giving them houses is gonna give them a big balance boost since they will spending where they don’t need to, but it is more like a quility of life feature to not get confused when you are used to other civs. I have heard some players saying they don’t like playing with Huns anymore because of that.

The fact that Huns used to be the best noob civ, to the point people had to refrain from advertising them too much to not get new players to forget about houses all the time, while now noobs barely touch them anymore is pretty telling. But I don’t think the solution is to give them a quickwall substitute. Dealing with the whole “foundations are a better counter to rushes than units” deal would be better. Even if they don’t want to, then so be it, at least let me have a 1 in 37 chance to not have to spend my feudal age hitting houses lol.

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I disagree, Huns are a funny and diverse civ because they’re pressed to go for military control and offence in feudal and castle, due to their bad defence. I don’t think the game needs another boom civ.


Interesting and nice suggestion! I think it wouldn’t impact most games that much, but would be a nice option to have. I’d just suggest that it doesn’t have the same default hotkey as a house :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise I can imagine some people building 2 yurts right away at the start lol

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I quite like this idea but can’t see them changing anything but if they do then I think 30W would be a bit much for something that doesn’t really do anything, 10-15W seems more appropriate.

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The huns have one if not the poorest overall technology in the entire game. No arbalest. No, Hand Cannoneer. No halberdier. No champions. No camels. Only siege ram in siege workshop. Missing archer ring armour and plate mail armour, no siege engineers, no bombard towers, no fortified walls, not even guard towers. And many… many other techs missing.

All the huns have for the late game, even in team games with trade is horse archers and knights. That’s it. Nothing else really. Other than siege ram which are missing siege engineers.

Faster producing hussars, discounted hca, elite tarkan, maybe paladins, halbs even without last armor, siege ram (SE is not important for rams).

Huns late game is pretty good

That’s actually not true anymore. Huns Eco is just average nowatdays.

(ofc most of the bonus comes from utility not to have to care about housing, but even considering this huns eco doesn’t stand out)

Eh, Hun late game is mediocre I would say,

I don’t agree, it’s quite underrated

The entire Hun army can be countered by 3 main units. Camels, Halberdiers, and Skirmishers. The Huns have no real answer to that.

Late game Goth also murder Huns. Huskarls (making their horse archers worth nothing) cheap spammable halberdiers, and semi-decent skirmishers. That’s the entire Hun army countered. The Huns don’t even have champions to counter the Goth flood.

The Huns need to rush to end the game early. Since their late game tech is awful.

Yeah, could be, and also helps if people gets confused building the two yurts right away as @anon45959656 was mentioning, but in that case they really should remove the armour for house foundations at least so we are not actually buffing the huns. I was suggesting it just as a quality of life thing they don’t have for quite walling.