Hunt meat decay

I wonder if a penalty should be applied to killed animal, it doesn’t make sense to kill dears, leave them for minutes, and come to pick them up or take their food with no penalty.

Food should goes done as time passes by after an animal is killed and left in the wide … decay.

This should stop some of the shenanigans that I’ve seen whenever a Rus is playing.


The wolves should attack the villagers and eat the deer xD
or predator animals attack vills when they start hunting or gathering animal meat and then or if they kill the vills they can eat the hunt

It will be the most fun change in the game. This is what we need! More creative people like me xD


there are so many troll like hunt strats to either steal them, or use scout to kill… so if they decayed, all scouting would be to kill all deer to deny people food no matter what civ.

I do not like that they do not decay, but also with these new mechanics to steal and kill hunts is kind of needed.

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Did anyone try yet to kill the opponent’s deer and hiding them behind trees? Or in stealth forests? The rus seem to be set up nicely to lame hunts :crazy_face:

Man, this just feels like you play a weird minigame and not like you hunt actual animals. No risk/reward involved at all (like getting raided should mean you loose a lot of meat to decay).


You say that, but that is possible in AOE2 (with infantry or archers, not with the starting scout) and still has never been an issue.


Yes, hapen in open beta xD

The infinity farm break that strategy.

I am for decay animal and for prey to go eat meat.

I actually didn’t realize scouts could kill deer in AOE2… maybe using a bow makes it faster?

It can’t…that moves earliest laming to feudal. Or militia… technically.

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So aoe4 though if decay were a thing, would be advantageous to kill deer early as possible

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As you said yourself, they’d have to change other things and could end up back at the AOE2/3 system.

The question should be: Does the new system make for good gameplay? Is it worse? I’m not sure yet myself, but it does not feel like hunting ^^

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It do notfeal like hunting, since we can only carry animal when we are in second age. XD

all three games seem to have a different approach, AOE2 hunts just were enough to get people to get enough wood to make farms.

AOE3 though hunts were really more essential, and people have to actually hunt by herding them towards a base, and conserve them from decay, and were essential part of economy and map control.

AOE4 some civs like to hunt more than others, and hunts can come to the base where they are protected. Its a lot more like real hunting, other than decay.

All three put a lot of different focus on early economy, so i cant say any is better, but just different.

I saw a game where some raiding cav pushed vills off a hunt, then stole all the hunts, it was pretty cool, but honestly I would not want to play vs that… very frustrating i would think, but also requires people to go early defense and not boom so much.

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