Hunter carry capacity

Mongols have a higher hunter gather rate. That’s cool, but here is something more interesting. What if instead of a higher gather rate, they had a higher carrying capacity?

This opens up a strategy where mongols send hunters long distance to grab all the deer or boar in an area. It also makes those hunters out in the open much more vulnerable to being attacked, and when killed, the pain of losing so much food would be much greater.

At the same time, if the mongols are successful, it makes people mad they stole all the deer. ESPECIALLY on island scenarios… Land 5 hunters on enemy land, yoink 20 trips worth of food, and sail away. Thats like… 7 deer? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Goths already carry more meat. That’s their bonus.

Laming for Boar, sure fine. But laming for deer is risky, and not really worth it. The boar is the key thing.

Sending your villagers onto an island is risky. Not only that, but you must first make a dock, and then transport ship. Those villagers could been put to better use being lumberjacks, farmers, etc. Not to mention all the idle villagers not working by walking can really mess up your game.


Higher capacity is useless. We dont send villagers to somewhere faraway because the time they spend on the way can be considered as idle.
Gather rate is one of the best bonus. They can finish their job early and move on to the next object.

If you are gonna steal deers, your enemy will send villagers to fight you and your villagers have to run all the way back which will result an early GG.

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Have you even calculated the distance beyond which hunting deer is less efficient than farming?

hunter gathering rate is 0.41f / s
farmer gathering rate is 0.33 f/ s without any bonus and research.
Farming speed is 80% of hunting which means hunters can idle 20% of the time period
4 villagers can finish a deer in 85 second so they can spend 17 sec on round trip without failing behind of farmers. The 17 sec can be extend a little bit because hunting does not require wood.
I won’t send my villagers to hunt deer at where is 10 sec away from TC / mill.

Being able to multiply it by 2x-3x is a little bit?

60 wood and 15s build time is expensive, like 150 villager seconds expensive. If you value total food, 4 deer saves you ~2 horse collar farms. So you’ve saved 300 villager seconds minimum. For 16 round trips that’s 18 seconds saved, meaning a single round trip can be 18+17= 35 seconds or 14 tiles one way distance.

+15 carry capacity (so using 3 villagers) turns this into 25+28 = 53 seconds or ~21 tiles one way distance which is a 50% increase in viable distance.

There’s other ways to compute this depending on techs, rate vs total food, etc. and they all return similarly large distances of 2x-3x what comparing rates shows.