Hunting Cabin: Gold doesn't actually decrease with more "nearby cabins"

The in-game description for Hunting cabins says: “Gold rate decreased by nearby Hunting Cabins”, but I’ve found that this is not the case.


Here, I have a total of 15 Hunting Cabins all placed in close proximity to each other, but they are all generating the amount of gold that they should be, with no decrease. I am not sure if this is a bug with the mechanics or just a bit of confusing tooltip text. When you place a Hunting Cabin directly in the radius of another Hunting Cabin, they both just stop generating Gold altogether. If this tooltip is in reference to the global cap, I think the word “nearby” should be replaced with “total”, because that is more accurate to the mechanic and not quite as misleading.

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Their circles can overlap without any gold reduction. If a cabin’s radius actually touches another cabin, that’s when gold income for both is reduced to zero.

That’s what I said, yeah…It’s still a bug and/or a confusing tooltip. It’s not “decreased”, as the tooltip says. It STOPS. I understand how it works in game, but how it works is not representative of what is written in the tooltip.