Huskarl vs. Ghulam

Ghulam – Hindustani unique infantry unit that thrusts its spear through multiple targets. Strong vs. archers. Weak vs. cavalry.

So, this unit is tanky, has high pierce armor And even as a spear, yet weak to cavalry somehow? Ghulam seem to be slower moving version of the Huskarl, and can only be made in a castle.

How does this unit fair when compared to the Huskarl? I’m sure it will be most costly as well. Might cost something along the lines of a teutonic knight, and might even slow movement speed like them.

If you see the video you can see the sprint of the Ghulam
I don’t think it’s a slower version of the Huskarl, it seems more like an Eagle with high PA and 1 range similar to the Kamayuk
It will be perfect against a group of pack archers
It may do full damage to the unit in front and still damage the unit behind
It’s what I imagine from the description and from the video

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I thought of it closer to an eagle warrior or Malian infantry.

It’ll be faster and it’s aoe attack (in a line) will damage multiple archers, but does low damage and that’s why larger tanky units like Knights will beat it

Just because it has a spear doesn’t mean it’ll rek cav

But ill guess something like 4PA base(2dmg from arbs) or maybe even 3 so it’s not as tanky as eagles. 1.1 speed. 8 dmg in a line(just picking numbers out of the air, could do the math later)


i think it will have low attack and a bit of bonus damage against archers
Otherwise with the thrust effect it could be really strong against mass infantry aswell which I think isn’t intended. (It can be decent, but shouldn’t be like kamayuk which shredd mass infantry besides having already reduced base damage.)

i dont think huskarl should be cloned

huskarl is signature unit for goths

The tech tree only states they are weak to cavalry, so I suppose the unit is left to be good vs infantry units because they have small hitboxes, while cavalry units are bigger so you can only ever hurt one at a time.

sure? Why did they buff shantagni then if their infantry UU could possibly deal with infantry on its own?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the unit will do ok against infantry, but I don’t think it will be as good as eg kamayuk.


So that’s it’s no longer a “here get your castle age janissary one age too late” tech. And it’s probably a good idea to make it worse vs infantry than kamayuk is, we just can’t quite know yet whether they followed said good idea.

I rly don’t like, this aoe effect the unit will have.

In sc2 big armies evaporate in seconds at late game due to all the aoe and high dmsgse low hp.

In aoe 4 the fire lancer could nuke everything before they got nerfed.

These kind of mechanics are super snowball.

In my opinion this is sawing at what makes aoe2 better than other rts.

The absence of these kind of things

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There are already so many Knight clone Unique Units, a Throwing axeman clone Unique Unit, many Champion clone Unique Units, and many War Elephant clone elephant units… Didn’t see you complaining then


Nah it’s clearly a specialised unit designed to compensate for their light cav losing 1 PA in castle age.
Might be strong VS archers but most likely kinda bad vs evrything else.

These guy’s mechanic is just very short range scorpion, so if scorpions can fit those can fit as well just fine.

but huskarl is all goths have look special

I don’t think the Ghulam is “good against archers” just because of Pierce Armor. We have to consider that that might be because of the fact that archers tend to clump up together really easily, and that the Ghulam is able to hit multiple units simultaneously with the spear, thus countering archers that are tightly packed in enclosed spaces.


Let’s wait for the DLC release before drawing conclusions. We don’t know the hidden data around all the new units yet.

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Oh my god, they made a corner-camper buster unit. The meta is in danger, lol.

Yeah, this is probably gonna be a new favorite unit for me.

About time the Crossbows and Arbalests pay for their sins


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have any range. Its just similar to a generic elite eagle without any UT.

It has more HP, more attack and beats other infantry units rather than being utterly dominated by them.

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I wonder if has bonus against Eagles
And how would work against pack archers