Hussar, attack speed upgrade

Hussar has very low attack speed, this will help letting players to answer hussar raids but some civs use hussars as a defender/sniper unit more then raiding like turks,tatars etc. In this situation, low attack speed pretty handicap. I think adding a new tech to game which gives hussars a little bit more attack speed would be good, not all the civs will access but some of them.

Hussar is one of the best trash units in the game, such buff means an overbuff to any civ with hussar bonus, and ROFL wish if Hera reads this 111111


Not all the civs will acces to this tech as i said and ofc it will be a bakanced. It will just help some civs who uses hussars in battlefield.

Well the cool thing about hussars is that you most effectively use them OFF the battlefield :wink:

I think you want to play as the Bulgarians then, because Stirrups also affects Hussars :slight_smile:

So, play Bulgarians.