Hybrid maps are one dimensional

Right now you must go water on hybrid maps or you will be at a huge disadvantage. This makes hybrid maps one-dimensional since you have no strategic choice.

If fishing boats costed more resources and took longer time to build you would have three options instead of just one.

  1. Go water
  2. Feudal rush before his water economy becomes to strong.
  3. Boom with 2 or 3 TCs.

Basically fishing needs to be worse in order for more strategies to be possible on hybrid maps. Fishing should be a possible strategy not the single viable strategy on a hybrid map.

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The thing is, if you make docks noticeably worse, then fishing becomes useless since it’s just building super vulnerable eco on most maps.

The biggest issue with hybrid maps right now are the power of Delhi, Mongols and English since. English punishes heavy water eco pretty hard because you kill all their fish with longbows before they get any warships out and then fish yourself while Mongols and Delhi always win the water fight (Delhi you just forward dock them and your fishing boats kill theirs while fishing followed up with a couple spears to kill your dock, and mongols just spear rush to kill your dock really easy).


Docks are too cheap, they are a 150 Wood second town center so you need to go Dock on a hybrid map. 2x or 3x docks is basically 2x or 3x TC since you can now produce units at 2x or 3X the pace and gather resources to boom.

Thats kinda the point of docks and has been that way since at least AOE2.

Maybe an argument could be made for fish lasting to long, but the biggest issue with hybrid maps is how badly warships ruin land units combined with how some civs can’t protect their docks from dark age/early feudal aggression from certain civs.

Ship on Hybrid map should be slower the bigger they are.

They largely are, the imp ships mostly move the same speed or slower than land siege weapons. The issue is largely ships are insanely tanky to land units such that only bombards can pose even the slightest threat.

Ok i’m going to try expen my idea here. (english not my native language :slight_smile: )

First river are not deep enough for big ship to navigate. They mainly are for fishing, transport and trade.

The idea here is to make all ship from age 3 (including french hulk) and 4 a lot slower (like 90%?) then they are on island map. No big ship like those where able to navigate those river and less to pass through choke like in danube.

Or else it could be possible to add ship to the anti siege bonus of Springald to deal with ship.