Hypothetical "all techs" civ - how balanced would it be?


I’m not suggesting that such a civ be made, but am simply wondering how it would compare to other civs. Imagine a hypothetical civ with no bonuses and instead a complete tech tree, essentially, an all tech in non-all tech games.

How could a hypothetical civ such as that compare to other civs?

Very weak considering it wouldn’t have any eco bonus or unique technologies. Depending on the UU such a civ would have, they could be pretty good in DM.

Having a full tech tree just means you have a lot of endgame options but having no civ bonuses means you have nothing in the early and midgame that stands out. This type of civ would get absolutely rolled in RM 1v1’s because any other civ would be able to exploit their civ bonuses at some point in order to gain an advantage. They’d less of a disaster in RM TG’s but decent at best.

The closest civ we have to this already in-game would be the Chinese but even they get a farm team bonus and a discount for researching technologies. You gotta have some bonuses, even if it’s something silly like technologies (except going to the next age) research twice as fast.

They’d be very good in DM where eco bonuses don’t matter. Any civ with siege onagers, siege rams, and halberds/paladins have a nasty end game.