Hypothetical UU upgrades from generic units

As of now, there are only two of theses, Imperial skrim and camel, but what about the others?
before i start, i don’t think imp champ or paladin would work since there are already 2 upgrades available in imp
i also wouldn’t give it to a civ which already has 2 UUs
and if an existing civ doesn’t match up to what the upgrade’s historical niche is, name one that is!
share your ideas! maybe it works well with a civ bonus, maybe it’s historically accurate, maybe it feels like a good buff, maybe you think that a civ should have a barracks so good, that it’s an elite barracks! but remember this is all HYPOTHETICAL, and it’s probably implied that if a civ receives this, it would also be nerfed

i think Imp BE for an new indian civ (Cholas? Hindustani?)

Imperial hussar for turks

imperial BBC? turks?

imperial cav archer for mongols

imperial steppe lancer for cumans (borrowed idea from a thread about steppe lancer as an alternative to knights)

elite archery range for Britons

elite market for italians

elite halberdier for potential lombards

imperial scorpion - khmer

what do you think?

Like the idea, but I doubt we will see it

Imperial paladin/gendarme - franks
Imperial champ/zweihander -teutons
Imperial HC/arquebussier - portos
Imperial halb/ tercio -spanish

it’s anyways supposed to be a hypothetical discussion
by the way, i agree with the HC for Portuguese, it really fits the civ

imperial villager. well, that is supremacy.

imperial battle elephant.

imperial fish ship.

imperial petard!

imperial trebuchet. wait.

fish ship having attack?
or just better fishing?

just an amazing design, to show off

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