I, a lifelong devoted AoE Fan, decided to step into an AoE4 online match today. I'm unlikely to do so again for awhile

I thought I’d provide some feedback from my recent AoE4 experience.

To begin, I felt that t camera field of view is insufficient. I played a match with the default camera, then changed it to “classic” before loading into the match I talk about later in this post. I’ll say I don’t really nothice that much of a difference.

I admit we’ve become pretty spoiled in the AoE2 community (wide FOV at 4k resolution), but the camera angle at the furthest zoom level in AoE4 is too top-down, and not a 45 degree angle like a normal isometric projection. It just seems off. It feels too top-down, and I wish there was an option to incline the camera at a further zoom.

Quality of life issues aside, I hopped into an unranked (I think) match. 2v2v2v2 megarandom as Britons.

I had two vills working on a TC, with a third coming from across the map. I was rushed by another player who had a scout and 4 villagers before my TC was up. He killed two of my three villagers, and then my town center foundation.

Where’s the balance in that? I know it’s not a ranked game mode, but there seems to be some sort of fundamental imbalance if it’s possible for a player to have 7 units in such a short period of time in a nomad game. Such feats would NOT be possible in any other Age of Empires game, so it makes AoE4 unpalatable for me. I hope further base-line balance can be implemented that makes casual lobbies equally enjoyable as ranked matches.

Best wishes to all!


You play a custom nomad game, nothing strange what happened.
Better you try a more classic mode like quick match or ranked before try custom

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Well you played a custom lobby nomad game, on a megarandom map…

Same as in AoE2, of course that isn’t balanced.

You definitely can’t say anything relevant about balance without even playing a standard game. People can do all kinds of weird balance or modes in custom lobbies.

Hmm, sounds like an unfortunate game. However you must have taken a while to get your TC up. At least 50 seconds longer than your opponent IF you were playing with a weird nomad mod that gives a free scout and he actually had 7 units and sent them all (you only list 5 units earlier in your comment in which case he still had to make another villager taking 20 seconds and send literally everything he had).

Either that, or you guys were playing with a sketchy mod of some kind (also possible in AoE2), whoever hosted the game could be using any mod they want.

Villagers take just as long to create in AoE4 as AoE2. Scouts take slightly less time than a villager.

Nomad is a 3 villager start in both games.

Both have variants where building the TC gives you a free scout or not.

Scouts in AoE4 only do 1 damage to villagers unlike in AoE2. So other than the 5 second faster creation time they are actually much worse than villagers in the scenario you described.


Was the other player Chinese civ? They can build quicker, so unless the mod changes that, nomad won’t be balanced at the moment. Nomad isn’t an official part of the game yet, though it is planned for the future, I assume they will address balance issues when it’s officially added.

If that was the issue, you can either stick to the official modes, or play Chinese yourself for nomad games.

Re the zoom, I’d still like to be able to zoom out more, but I’d say the current fov if you use panoramic mode is now at the “just about adequate” level when you get used to it. The fov has been increased 2 or 3 times since the first public beta.

Hopefully, You would continue playing AoE4 in future, and like it

if your oppennent was rus they build hunting cabin instead of mill and they can train scouts from there if you are playing nomad that can be a problem

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honestly first beta zoom level was beyond terrible, and the initial fix was nothing if not a slap to the face of anyone who asked for more zoom, at the time nearly everybody, panoramic did meanwhile bring better view, although its still weird how the camera curves backwards instead of moving straight back, sometimes it feels like the devs don’t understand whats being asked for in feedback, or just straight up don’t want to implement it cuz reasons, which is what happened with zoom, case of dev saying no, regardless of the fact that its insufficient according to most players at the time

You cannot be seriously comparing 4K with Proper FOV support to a Standard RTS Camera Angle that allows for uniform viewing for a competitive/standard environment?

There is a reason why Age of Empires 2 has to resort to some kind of odd gamemode to be viewable as an E-Sport.

Meanwhile, Redbull Wololo Age of Empires 4 has no issues, you can probably guess why!

If you’ve been playing RTS games as long as you claim, you should know adjusting resolution and FOV brings advantages to only those players vs players not able to support such settings.

If AoE IV implemented what you are asking for, we would be seeing your posts exactly but replaced with the FOV Imbalance! This isn’t CoD or Halo, keep your FOV Slider non-sense out of AoE IV please.

news for you, aoe2, or any other aoe pre 4 for that matter, was never made for esports, esports instead simply happened over time, and you’ll find designing aoe4 almost exclusively for it would bring more harm than good in eyes of majority of the playerbase, and guess what, the only reason imo 4 wasn’t straight up abandoned yet by pros is cuz they like tournament money being tossed at it like its thanksgiving, as for your point on zoom and FOV, really man? is this really best excuse you have, zoom shouldn’t be locked this close period, it did improve with season 2 update, but everyone took notice of zoom trajectory being a curve and not a straight line, hence the angle complaint some have, as for 4K, in 4 that wouldn’t even matter as its not affecting FOV, is your arguement then that ultrawide screen users (example 3440x1440) are cheating? because they see more of the map at any zoom level?
lemme know

If you’ve been playing RTS games as long as you claim, you should know adjusting resolution and FOV brings advantages to only those players vs players not able to support such settings.

If you’ve been playing RTS games as long as you claim,

as long as you claim

you claim

Please find attached my Voobly account’s profile page. You’ll notice the account was created in August 2008. I was definitely more active on GameRanger. I also included today’s NYT website, for further verification.

Now that we can put the rulers away, there’s no need to insinuate that I’m some sort of classist who wants Age of Empires to become a competition of machines. On the contrary, I want a level playing field for everyone.

I think your time would be better spent discussing my more precise complaint: that the “Classic” FOV setting seems to be no different than the standard FOV setting in AoE4.

Unless I’m missing something? I’m open to constructive feedback or suggestions. Let me know if you can think of a way to change the FOV settings besides what I’ve described. :slight_smile:

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Lol so that’s why I see opponents tilt their cameras to a lower angle in replay. There’s a lot of aoe2 players in this game and if one thing is different from their ingrained years of AoE2 muscle memory they all freak out about it. You can apparently tilt the camera like they do.

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There’s a lot of aoe2 players in this game and if one thing is different from their ingrained years of AoE2 muscle memory they all freak out about it.

I feel simultaneously attacked and flattered by this statement.