I added an elephant to HRE AI in the adjustment package, but he won't buy it


Change Knight’s position to tower elephant

AI doesn’t click to buy, which makes me very disappointed

The “picture” named link you gave is not working, I couldn’t open it.

There are some limitations. I do lots of testing. I have done lots of progress, I added many new units to the game already.

You can check from this website link: Civilization Conquest Mod

I started to add the visuals too, so you can see what kind of units you can apply and make changes on them.

No, what I said is that I can buy the arrow tower elephant I added, but AI will not buy it myself

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AI is only doing the exact same things with the default game. When I added these new features and new units etc, sometimes AI cannot use them or AI is confused to use them, so I experience BAD MOD DATA error, although it is %1 percent. However, there is no problem when you fight against a human real player.

I tried to add English Archers’ active skills on other units and even in other civilizations, and it didn’t work at all. It feels like these skills, animations only made for the specific unit with specific civilization only.