I already have the hd version from years back and was wondering how getting the DE would work?

Will i still be able to play with friends that have the HD version? Also can i play on two computers at my house ( i want to play with my 8 year old son and teach him the ways lol) we would be on computers next to each other or in different rooms. I didn’t want to have to purchase the game twice if possible to avoid? Would i have to create an individual steam account for him? Etc… I’d like to know all of my options or if there is a direct email or number for these kind of questions? Thank you very much for your help!

HD version and DE version are two separate games that don’t interact with each other. The best you can have already owning HD is a 25% discount buying DE.

Yes, since the game key is bound to the account, to have two computers running the game would mean two separate copies of the game. Steam allows to share your library with other acounts via Family Share, but this wouldn’t work for you two playing with each other, since the sharing system only allows to one account getting use of the library at once.

Ok thank you! Im obviously not very computer game savvy just loved the memories of playing Aoe back in elementary and middle school! If i create an account for him( his own steam account) will i be able to share the other games with him that ive already purchased?( specifically so he can play them by himself? Is it different for single player games? Can we both play single player games at the sametime? I have The remastered Torment dungeons and dragons classic( another amazing game from late 90s), darksiders 1 and 2, shadow of war mordor and finally Doom if that helps? Please add any relevant details i may have missed or not considered. Thanks again for the insight

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Yes, i suggest you to search on the specifics of Steam’s Family Share and Parental Control, but as far as I know steam supports the sharing of the whole library, as well as giving many tools for parents to configure what is and what isn’t possible to do, interact with and see on a account.

If the game supports local splitscreen, yes. You can either do it playing on the same machine (with two controller inputs, for example) or online via ‘Remote Play Togheter’. The Remote Play is a feature that steam offers that allow you to stream a game to a steam friend. It streams audio, video and inputs, so your steam friend can play it remotely. Not every game supports this feature and the stream host needs to have a somewhat decent internet connection to work properly, but I grant you that pretty much every game with local splitscreen has it available on steam. A alternative to the Steam Remote Play could be a software called Parsec. Parsec, in short, does everything that the Remote Play does with less restrictions. It’s sort of a ‘Team Viewer’ for games.

If you want to simmultaneously play a game on two different machines, no. As I said, a game license on steam is bound to the account, so you need to own a copy for each account to play it at the same time.

But note that none of these games have splitscreen, they are all single player exclusive campaign games. The best you could do to play these togheter is share the couch while playing.

Don’t get me wrong for that — by no means I pretend to tell you what is better for your child —, but consider thinking twice before getting your kid into Doom. When I was a kid and played it I got scared to death with the game :rofl:

Irony is, I actually invited one of my cousins (about 9 years old) to play the old Doom and he was afraid to do so, and trust me when I showed the new Doom to him, he was happy with it.

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I really appreciate the insight, as for doom even though he’s 8 he’s never been afraid we watched walking dead and resident evil since he was 3. I try and teach him to be rationale and control his fear, so far he’s never been afraid to play or watch haha. The remote play idea reminds me, Is it possible to play Microsoft account purchased games like gears of war on different consoles at the same time with that feature if it lets you play pc or xbox?

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I really don’t know on that. From what I can tell Sony offered a ‘Share Play’ feature at the PS4, that you could stream your game to a friend and get they to play from another console via internet, but the only game I’ve seen it being ever supported was Destiny. I don’t know anything about this being present on the Xbox platforms (Console and PC).

Hey so i decided to purchase for my son since i thought the computer could handle it but perhaps i was wrong it’s giving me an error under the label " failed GPU startup" that says" Intel hd graphics GPU with vendor ID 32902 device id 258 is not direct x 11 compliant"? Any ideas on how i can fix it for his computer?

It’s a bit complicated to help you without knowing further information about the PC setup you’re trying to run the game in. But apparently the DirectX version installed is inferior to the version 11, wich impossibilitate the game to run. In advance I suggest you to update the system drivers, mainly for the integrated GPU.