I am comissioning a mod. (paid modding.)

Hey modders, I would like to commission a mod!

Price tag: $300 paid in avalanche tokens. (yes you can cash it out to normal dollars if you so want, but that’s your problem, not mine, and its an easy thing to do. If you need help setting up a wallet, I can walk you through how to get on the network so you can actually receive funds, no it does not cost anything to get started. The amount of avax you receive will be calculated at the going market rate for avax +1.5% at the time of payment to account for any potential slippage you run into while cashing out so you get the full dollar value.)

Also, payment is sent AFTER the mod is finished. not before. :expressionless:

Mod details:

  1. The elite steppe lancer upgrade now changes the steppe lancer to throw their lance. The elite steppe lancer has 3 attack range, and when it moves in a group it moves with archers instead of melee cavalry. The goal is to get the steppe lancer to not have clumping when engaging with a group of 20 hussars, 20 steppe lancers, and 20 horse archers. If it can be done by simply increasing the steppe lancer attack range to say… 1.5 or even 2 and making the steppe lancer ride behind the melee cavalry, all the better. No new animations required.

  2. All stone structures that are able to fire arrows now have an aura that increases the accuracy of trebuchets within 5 tiles against immobile targets to 100%.

  3. A modification of the Hoardings tech. In addition to giving castles hitpoints, it now allows them to be repaired using wood, and/or it gives them passive health regen per minute.

  4. A modification to trebuchets. Their setup and tear down time is tripled.

  5. A modification of the bombard cannon. The bombard cannon can now be healed by monks, and costs 125 food, 100 wood, and 225 gold to make. In addition, the bombard’s +40 vs stone defense is removed, its +200 vs buildings is nerfed to +75, and it’s pierce armor is increased to 6.

  6. A modification of the conscription technology. Conscription now also allows the saboteur to be trained at the barracks, and allows the trebuchet to be trained at the siege workshop.

  7. A modification of the cannon galleon. The cannon galleon now fires at the speed and accuracy of a bombard cannon, and its +200 vs buildings is nerfed to +75.

  8. A modification to all ships. The cost of all ships is increased by 100%. The health points of all ships are increased by 100%. The capacity of fishing vessels is tripled to 45. All ships now have health regen of +15 per minute…

  9. Korean and Japanese civilizations are now able to train the ninja unit from the editor in their barracks.

  10. A modification of the berber tech tree. They now get block printing and sanctity for their monks, and they no longer are able to get Herbal medicine.

  11. A modification of elite galleons. The galleon bolt projectile speed is buffed to 7, and the galleon +11 vs ships is removed. The base damage of the galleon is increased by 15.

  12. A modification of fire ships. The damage bonus is removed, and the base damage is upgraded from 2 pierce 1 melee to 5 pierce, 5 melee. The range is increased from 2.49 to 3, and the projectile speed is increased to 4.

  13. A modification to viking longboats. Their range is increased by 1, and their damage is doubled.

  14. The sappers tech is redesigned. Now, sappers causes castles to heal friendly nearby siege units with 5 range.

If interested, post some links to mods you have already done in this thread, and if I like what I see and I think you can do this mod, we can continue on discord. My discord handle is Ghost_in_a_shell#0799. A requirement for this mod is that the finished product be open source so that the community can maintain the mod once you are done. Also, community feedback on the mod would be nice, and if there are any pressing balance issues you (or the community in general) thinks that need to be in the mod, let me know and we can discuss them. If you can get the mod finished in under a week, I will pay an additional $50 bonus.

How deployment of the mod works.

  1. You send me a demonstration of mod. Ideally its a live video feed of each item on the list so we can work through the list together, and check each item off.

  2. I send you payment once every item on list is verified as being complete.

  3. You publish the mod and the source files for the mod.

  4. When the mod needs to be maintained or updated, the mod creator will be first in line to get any repeat business for maintaining/expanding the mod. If the mod creator is unavailable after three days of attempted contact, another thread like this one will be created.

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I can tell you, this will have to be a data mod. That means it will almost certainly break regularly. Also, aura effects like you describe aren’t currently possible in the engine, data mod or no.


Most of the stuff you want is not possible via modding.


Given the need to maintain this once it’s made, it would make more sense to learn to do data modding yourself. Otherwise it will only be useable until the next balance patch (and then, I think, essentially need to be remade).

Is this true? I think 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 would be doable, and maybe also 6 and the health regen part of 3. (But I confess that I haven’t done any AoE2 data modding for years…)

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you are better off asking there

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Hello there, most of the things you requires are doable editing genie editor (some others trough triggers, as i’m not sure genie editor can cover all the things you want)

Feel free to join our discord, which is dedicated to custom scenarios, data/graphic modding