I am completely impressed with the dev team, you guys are amazing

I’ve been praising this game for a while, I’ve gotten 6-7 people into the game already and we all love it. The fact that you guys are consistently adding new content, and making sure the game is balanced makes me quite happy, I don’t think a lot of people realize just how far this game has come since release, and its all because you developers have put in a lot of really great work, and a lot of great decisions have been made along the way.

I appreciate the work you guys are doing, thanks!


Yeah… lately I’m having been a little bit salty with some balance changes, but I gotta to admit that the game actually improved a lot compared to the game that I used to play back on the 2010s…

Graphics looks gorgeous, I have experienced a lot less bugs on DE, there are much less lag on games and the maps spawns improved drastically.

Sure balance ain’t perfect and I particularly still annoys me a bit that I cannot watch old game recs (Sometimes even months old recs). But I guess you can’t really have everything in life, and the game did in fact came a long way.


The amount of love Tantalus has put into this game is beyond what I ever could have hoped for. I check Steam DB everyday and the positive reviews are steadily increasing with every passing day. The devs have done an amazing job with so much more content to come. The enthusiasm from the devs as well as the playerbase gives me hope that AoEIIIDE will get the respect it deserves. Both parties are so engaged to make AoEIIIDE the best it can possibly be.

An absolute gem of a game that has meant the world to me since it came out in 2005 and DE has made it all the more special.

AoEIIIDE has so much potential and I hope it will be realized when all is said and done and with luck is still a ways away. I will do whatever I can to support the devs in the quest to make that happen. From the new civs to the QoL improvements to the new maps I was afraid AoEIIIDE was going to get lost in the shuffle but the support has only increased and gotten better over time.

What a awesome time to be a fan of this game.


if someone lives in melbourne and knows the devs who work on it. do send them some beers from us.


I agree. Devs are doing great work. Thanks Devs. :slight_smile:


The game is in a great shape currently:

  • It is stable
  • Multiplayer works very well, no serious issues with servers, no lags
  • It is pretty much balanced
  • Constant support from the devs (new features, civilizations and bug fixes on the horizon)

I think Microsoft just needs to do 2 things:

  1. Maintain current level of support for the game
  2. Start to promote this game more (more people playing = more money = more content).
    It is a great game in a great shape. And it’s evolving. It should be able to attract new players easily. And bigger player base it what this game deserves and needs.

Bigger promotion and more single player content would work wonders for the player base


I agree. I guess most of us started to play legacy AoE3 mostly because of nice campaign and maybe to run LAN games with friends. Multiplayer was the next step.


The large map toggle is awesome, as if the devs read my mind.


Devs are doing a great job! AoE 3 de is amazing and they keep fixing issues. It has come along way since when it was released


Heey Guys! Thanks for the positive feedback :partying_face:


And thank YOU for reading all our bug reports and not being annoyed at us!

We appreciate it a lot!


Forgotten Empires and co can’t be thanked enough for their contributions to the Age franchise.


If they do small reworks to the old factions on the level of the new ones, then I’ll be impressed. :wink:

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I think you’ll like this upcoming patch then.

All we know is adjustments to USA and Aztecs. Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

That said this has been quite a long PUP.

Asian civs reworks when? :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of the upcoming patch. Are you in a position to share?

I figured the Aztec changes qualified. But I’ll admit I’m not exactly sure what kind of “small changes” they were talking about. I figured they meant like the Inca reworks last patch.

Yeah the native civs are all getting slight reworks. Whether Euro and Asians civs do remains to be seen.