I am enjoying a lot the amazonian abalester mod

They are so cool running together plume archers or even rattan archers.

The only annoying thing is the male voice…


yeah its really cool, but now it seems fewer people are playing mesos, so its not as relevant as the previous iteration of Arabia… scouts, scouts everywhere

I wonder if it’s a sign for a civ based in the Amazon? I would also like the female villager voice lines too.

this should be a thing, why doesn’t the mod also replace the voicelines with the female voice acting, like the gbeto does?


It’s because of the way mod compatibility works. All event mods just replace assets (usually graphics). This is done so that they are usable in ranked multiplayer, do not prevent achievement progress, and are compatible with other mods. All military units use the same voice lines (except things like cavalry and siege weapons) so if they replaced the voice lines, many other units would have female voices too.

They could use a data mod instead, but then it would not be usable in ranked multiplayer, prevent achievement progress, and need updating after every balance patch.


Gbeto, Amazon Archer, Amazon Warriors and female heroes use female villagers’ voices. but not sure it is changeable by mods or fixed with data mod, hope they find a way to do it.

The funny thing is that the mod also replaces all heroes who use the Arbalester skin, we can see heroes like Lord de Graville or Luu Nhan Chu from different campaigns dressing a bikini and run into the battlefield.

now I want an Amazon Warrior skin mod that replaces Champions or Halberdiers

Just made one for ya! Need some warmup before I go back to cannibal villagers stuff lol.

Link in one sec…

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Is there anything to be exited about when a scenario unit replaced a genetic unit.
If a new unit skin is added then absolutely.

Yeah, its nothing new as far as custom maps go but for regular players sometimes just a little visual variety can go a long way. On the other hand after so many games the sounds for me become so repetitive and are like nails on chalkboard so I have almost every alarm and alert sound removed so normal games are still tolerable lol.

The mod database is being a ******* *** * ****, i posted a bug report for some reason simple graphics replacements like that dont want to upload. It only took a few mins to do that, only copying and renaming the .smx animation files, i will still try to get uploaded but if u want a more detailed rundown how to do that i’ll be more specific.

Ok, sure. I guess I should have said that Arbalests use the same voice lines as most other foot archers and infantry, or something. So if you make a mod that replaces the Arbalest’s voice lines with female ones then it also replaces the voice lines of those other units as well. You can’t use a non-data mod to change which sounds are allocated to which units.

As I understand it, the problem is that all of the data for all units – both functional data like costs, stats etc. and cosmetic data like graphics and sounds – are stored in a single file. This probably seemed like a good idea in 1998 or whenever. You can make a mod that changes that file, but for multiplayer you can only use it in a lobby game because every player needs to use the same data.

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