I am new and have a question

Hello to everybody.
I just bought the AOE DE and I have a question. Supposedly there are big changes, a big upcoming release with new stuff is released, would I have access to the new versions automatically or I would have to buy them?
Because it would be rather disappointing, considering the fact that I bought the game mainly for the feels and the fact that I love it, as the original was the first game I ever played and not for the game play itself, because TBH the game is a bit broken.
And also because I like this game a lot and I want to see it succeed and have the lobbies full of players and people loving it and I want to contribute and I know a lot of things about it, have a lot of ideas on how to be improved and about the problem the game currently has

Automatically updated

I have another question, where is the multiplayer ranked mode?

You can select on the right to display ranked matches only.