I am the only here who in all the games start flank?

90% of my game i am in the flank position, in the start i was thinking this is just in my mind but i start see the replays and it is real, i like play flank but when you play just flank is stressful, because 50% of the games my pockets just boom and i play 1v2, so 50% of my games are stressful, if i play pockets 50% of the games, this number can be better and i will feel less wronged.

I thought the same, but then I started getting some pocket ones in a row.

Side note: if it’s 3v3, you’re 67% likely to be in flank.

Are you playing aoe2 DE? In DE, flank/pocket is chosen based on color. If ur team for example has colors 1,3,5,7, the middle colors, colors 3 and 5 will be pockets.