I am write a aoe5 noval

I hope this will be true in future Age of Empires 5.
The content of the novel will be machine translated from Chinese to English

Chapter 1 The Beginning of Age of Empires 5

What comes into view is not the Age of Empires 4 but the Age of Empires without caves 5. The beginning of age of Empires 5 is a cave! There are no signs of civilization. This game has no civilization.Players can design their own logo to give the caveman something like a flag. Players can even design flags for all ages. It doesn’t affect the game. It’s just a logo.

The game begins in the Stone Age. And the cave, which meets this requirement directly because it is easy to get stones next to the cave, will have 100 workers and a boss at the beginning.

In the beginning of the game, the workers automatically find stones and polish them, and they will polish stones all the time. Unless you order them to do something else, they will continue to do so until they run out of food and fight with each other. Finally, all die and the automatic game fails. In other words, if he starts the game and doesn’t play it, civilization will automatically die.

So the most important task of the opening is to get food. And the only resource the player has is food. Very high degrees of freedom. The rest of the resources are explored by yourself, and there are resources that rely on maps.

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How about they polish their wood? That would make for an interesting game.

Main resources: Food, Wood, Gold, Stone
Every unit costs 1 food.
Every building costs 1 wood including wonder.
You have to manually upgrade individual units with 1 gold for each upgrade.
1 stone for 1 wall.
Wonders cost nothing but have 1 health.

Every game resource will start depleting when game starts (1 resource/sec)

There will be 2,000 civs with different skins. Core mechs will be same.
Max pop capped at 25.
Max buildings capped at 25 excluding farms and wonders.
Max walls capped at 0.

Caz its aoe5.1 units have their own advance AI. They won’t listen to you. They will play on their own.

All units heal one HP per second. Every unit counters itself and takes zero damage from any other type of enemy. So you must make more enemy unit type to counter it. Or make different one to raid.

Takes 30 sec to produce every unit. Villagers can repair other units. Monks will heal buildings. You can donate your units to any other players.