I bougth this game 8 months ago, If I could take a refund, i'd take it

If I could get a refund i’d take it, I was so excited about this game, I remember having a lot of fun when I was a kid playing it, i guess i was too naive and had bad taste back then

There is something about this game that is SOOO off putting, its either the camera angle, the OP scouts at the start, or the fact that horses go as slow as a turtle when running in formations

lets not talk about that clunky and annoying to use editor, it’s a pain in the head to try and use it without wanting to punch your PC.

I’ve barely had more than 25 hours in this game ever since I bougth it months ago.

Unfortunately you can’t refund this game.
Because of Steam Refunds

Yeah, what can I say?

I’m sorry that you didn’t liked the game. I do like it. But I guess is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Op scouts? Are you refering to explorers!? They are anything but OP.


Lemme guess , was your biggest problem the Scenario Editor ?