I can not load my game

The game just don’t load when I keep pressing “Play”, eventhough, other options like Workshop or Achievements both do respond.

Buy AoE2 DE if your computer can run it and you don’t already have it, it’s objectively better.

I bought it bro, it is on my steam

Here !! :frowning: and still can’t load it

That is AoE2 HD. Not AoE2 DE. The Definitive Edition is objectively better in basically every single way, and that is what I recommend buying if your computer can run it. I would never suggest anybody buy HD anymore.

Oh I see, but still, do you have any idea to fix the prob :frowning:

It appears you already have about 51 hours in the game.

If this is the same machine that you normally play, it is possible that a file got corrupted etc.
First try validating your files.
If that doesn’t work, then attempt to reinstall the game.

if that doesn’t work, then something else on your computer is causing an issue. Try to think back if anything changed between when you were able to play, and now when you cannot.