I can predict it now delhi will be banned for tournament

I just played a scrappy scrappy!! game! China vs Delhi on High View. We started fighting tower/spears 3mins into the game! :slight_smile: (loved every bit of it); and we never really stopped fighting over something for 42 mins. I LOST THAT GAME… now there is a looot of poor play here and there on my part as china, however those Tower Elephants??

And they are buffing the tower elephants come patch and nerf to siege means less definitive options vs those big boys! Therefore I delcare Dehli will be banned on all land maps esp choke points maps.

I remember saying something along the line that delhi is the winner of next patch because siege is nerffed while eles are untouched. But hey what I would know. Just make spears crossbows and handcannoneers. I think they win just make more and more but what would I know

HC spears would have worked but I got pushed while pop capped with NOB and an assortment of zhuge nu/spears; so yes there is still an answer but sheeeesh them boys strongg!

Sure just make more units and there is answer to them

Legit NOB for splash spears for body blocking and HC for focus fire; then mix bombard/spring as delhi mixes springs of their own.