I cannot currently queue into a match in the ranked playlist

It just says “Creating Party” for an eternity, if I cancel out and queue again it does the same, although I got a few error messages earlier saying “Service is not available” and “Request was invalid”.

As for the Lobby Browser, I still can only see matches on the WESTUS2 server, which I have red connection to currently, and when I host a game on the westeurope server noone ever joins so I suspect matches there are not visible to anyone.

EDIT: A match from WESTINDIA just showed up in my lobby browser, so I suppose it’s not just WESTUS2 that’s working, although the India server is even worse for me connection-wise so that doesn’t matter.

EDIT 2: Another issue I’ve noticed is that the lobby browser shows an incorrect player count on the lobbies. For example, there’s a game up currently that has 7/8 according to the player column in the lobby list, but selecting it shows that there are in fact 8 players in that lobby and when I try to join it says no slot available.

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