I cannot the other players name in ranked only 'player 1'

I can never see the opponent’s name in ranked, it always only says ‘player 1’ or ‘player 2’. If I watch the recorded game though, it shows their name. However the opponent always says that they can see my name during the match. Why?

That’s always how it is. when I play ranked team games not sure why though. I thought maybe so people don’t leave the game mid loading because they see a specific player or something

you mean when its loading in or in the game?

if its the loading screen then yeah that happens

but if its ingame its a bug

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The entire time I am playing in a 1v1 ranked match. So I never know who I played against.

That is very strange, within the game when I play ranked I always see their names can you take a screenshot just to see where this is?