I can't create scenarios with XBOX Game pass

Hello guys!

Do you have any idea how can I create a scenario game with XBOX Game Pass on AOE DE?

I don’t find the maps that I downloaded from other games and I cannot download anything from here to my game.

Thank you!

Hey GoDHaDeS90, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry but I can’t quite understand what are you struggling with.

Just host a lobby and choose you preferred custom scenario. You can search for it at one of these options (it depends on the type of scenario you want to play)

What other games? If you mean custom scenarios from previous matches, know that you don’t get to save them unless if you subscribe to. When downloaded from a lobby the custom scenario gets saved on a temporary folder.

The custom mods and scenarios subscriptions (downloads) are made ingame on the ‘MOD’ tab at the main menu, you can browse all custom stuff from there.

Thanks for your answer!

I already played tons of CBA’s (for example) and downloaded the map from the other players but I can’t create any custom scenario as you can see:

I only can play scenarios that are already created by Steam people (I guess).


Sorry for double post but I cant upload more than 1 image as I am a new user. If I open the scenarios folder I have no maps there:

As I said, when you download scenarios from other players, you don’t keep them. To keep a scenario you need to subscribe to it ingame.

  1. Click at the MOD button at the main menu

  2. Select the ‘Browse Mods’ tab

  3. Search for a preferred scenario at the search bar then hit the Subscribe

After the subscription is complete you can host a lobby with a custom scenario.

Thanks for explaining it, I had no idea they changed that system. On voobly it keeps all the maps you play, which is really cool. Hoping it becomes an option.