I can't get the game to load?

I received a copy of AoE 2 on steam and installed it. But the game wont actually load. I hit play on steam, then hit play on the AoE menu. it changes to a validating subscriptions page then vanishes and the game just doesn’t play…

Having the same problem for a couple of months now.

Try validating the flies cache first. Will probably not fix anything since you have this problem straight after downloading the game but always get this out of the way first.

Try validating game cache. Also try spamming the spacebar when you’re at the validating subscriptions page, it works for me. Make sure you don’t have any workshop content installed that might interfere wight other workshop content or the game itself. What OS are you on?

I’m having the same issue. I have validated the files. I have uninstalled steam and the game twice and reinstalled… same issue. Click on play in steam and the loading window flashes then nothing. I double click the desktop shortcut and the same thing happens… SO FRUSTRATING! If anyone can - Please help!