I can't join matches in ranked or quick play

Hi, so I don’t know if this is a bug or I’m missing something but since the last update the red button that says “Find Match” is gray and I can’t click on it or join any matches. I’ve tried doing the ranked benchmark test a bunch of times and the games says that I can now play at the end, but when I go back nothing changes and I still can’t even attempt to find a match. Any ideas? Did I got banned somehow? I didn’t recive any notifications anywhere tho. I’m quite confused and frustrated, can anyone help?

I’ve also already tried to unistall/install the game but absolutely nothing changed. I’ve played plenty of online games before the last patch without any problems. It also seems that I can be invted to a ranked team game queue, I just can’t do it on my own for some obscure reason

I’m such a dumb f***, I oly had to select 1v1 in the game settings below, so no worries people, archive this ■■■■ show

I also cannot get Quick Play to work. I try to do the Empire Wars Challenge, select 1 v 1 on map
click Find match, it spins for a few seconds then returns to Find match screen with no match