I can't lose rating

When will this problem be adressed of being unable to lose rating? If I win I get like +100 points, if I lose I lose like -5 points if I ever lose rating at all. I lose 99% of my games, it’s not fun to play like this.

Also make a seperate queue for open and closed maps please. I’m like 500 rating on open maps and 1500 on closed maps. Not comparable at all. I have never in my ENTIRE life of over hundreds of games won a single open map. Always pro tournament players in there for some reason. It’s just not enjoyable for me to know whether I will win or lose based on the map.

Also make an option to start with lower rating. I’m at 1000 rating now but I can’t go lower for some reason yet I’m matched up against the best players in the world every game.

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Again… no rating was lost and I played until Imp.

Yeah at this point I’m just going to queue up afk hoping I will lose rating.

Yeah again no rating lost… this is just stupid.

Just let me go down to 600-700 rating wtf… this is why I only play campaigns -.-

WTF now I even WIN rating when I resign??? This game is trolling me.

Can you show us some examples? Afaik they already fixed the issue of not losing many points after a lost game (but know others exploit that system, so it still needs another fix). There is probably a good reason for not losing that many points. So if you can give some examples, then we can look into it.

You win or lose as team. So you can resign while your team win the game. As result your will gain elo, since your team has won the game.

This seem pretty unlikely to me. As 1000 elo player you will never get matched against the pros. I think this only can happen at the EW ladder, if the pro didnt play that ladder before. So i really look forward to some examples.

The EW ladders arent stable yet. As result you will still have many unfair match ups. These ladders take time to settle. The same was true for the RM ladders at the release of DE. So just give the EW ladders some time.

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What you did ingame or how long the game was matters little to the elo you lose or gain. What the game does is compare the elo of two players and calculate the likelihood of player one beating or losing from player two. When it’s a 50/50 toss up, the winning player receives the standard amount of 16 elo (I remember it being that but pls refer to that video Spirit of the Law did on it).

When players are not equally matched, say 1000 vs. 1100, the game assigns the latter a higher chance of winning. If this turns out to be the case, the winning player receive less than the standard amount. However, if the underdog wins, he gains more elo than normal. In other words, if you want to lose elo, you mustn’t just lose, you must lose to people who have a lower elo (meaning the game assumes your chances of winning are higher).

I very much doubt that you are 500 rated on open maps and 1500 rated on closed maps. That difference is just way too big. Above 1400 level it gets pretty competitive, and those guys know how to play Hideout and Arena well.

Oh didn’t know you still win after resigning if your team wins. Thanks. And yes, this is EW. I was like 2.2k rating on team games on the normal ladder before the inflated rating was fixed (I’m really only worth 800-900 rating) so I’m very hesitant to ever pick that up again. I would have to lose 20 games in a row to fix that.