I cant spec a game

It keeps saying this when I try to spectate a ranked DM game:

(I don’t have anything to do with Xbox, just bought the game on Steam).

How can I fix this? It happened all of a sudden today before I have never had this problem.

Go to Steam, and try validating local files, see if it identifies an error there and fixes it for you.

Did that, it isn’t working. What else can I do?

It looks like you might be trying to spectate a DeathMatch where the Host has a custom map type installed.

The reason you are getting an error is because you don’t have that map installed.
Most likely this map can be installed via a mod, or sent to you by the host for you to place in your game’s map directory.

I would recommend trying to spectate a normal game first to isolate whether the problem was that particular custom match, or all recorded games.