I cant tolerate the path finding anymore

I cant tolerate the path finding anymore
Come one Dev, Arent path finding is your 1st priority to fix
It is so horrible.
Ranged unit has way more advantages.
Archers are way OP
You either add charge ability to cav which makes them immune to slow when they are moving towards enemy or fix the damn path finding.
Cav lose their advantage against archer
Also, fix that damn speed debuff. It is supposed to affect one unit not the entire units at same group
The group is also ■■■■.
Fix your damn game. Damn


“Our team is currently tracking the issue, savefile reports would be helpful”
Patch Notes, July 2121.

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Whilst any game can be discussed, I urge you to read your message again. Would you engage on such a thread, answer and be motived by it? I think not.

Pathfinding is an issue, RTS games are more complex than a lot of other games, I sure hope they figure it out.


Player base are already dying. Most players are old players and we love the series
Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Player Count - Steam Charts (steamplayercount.com)
AOE3 is an old game, released at 2005. SC2 is released at 2010. SC2’s path finding is smooth like butter.
AOE3 DE released on 2020. As a remake version of an old game released on 16 years ago, it is unacceptable that ■■■■■■ pathing bug still exists on it.
RTS are complex, yes, APM, micro are important. Micro is heavily depending on path finding.
The units move so clunky. It is very discouraging.
I play aoe in my childhood. It gives me good memory and that’s why I have expectations.
2021 gamers are not like gamers in the past. Our expectations is different at different times.
I was really happy when I first purchased it. However, the more games I play, the more rage I have.
The current game state cant meet the standard of modern times.

Well a big part that adds to the frustration is

  1. it is game breaking. You can literaly loose a match over it. I have had numerous times that I selected a big army and send it towards my teammate to assist a wall attack, I redid my eco for two min and see my army just got stuck and my teammate is now fully raided.

  2. Original game didnt have these issues.

Dude… chill


Whilst I had some p. issues at times, I would recommend not taking 2 mins to check on your units, ever. God I know I sound super annoying here but, as I lose my own games every now and then, civ weaknesses and bad matchups aside, I am to blame for many of them. These RTS games need high awareness, it’s just the way it is. I don’t think it’s THIS big of an issue

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I dunno, the way you describe it, doesn’t it apply to your opponent then, too?

You shouldn’t only play games to win, it will always be frustrating.

The playerbase dieing is normal, just look at the amount of games available these days. AOE 2 has a loyal fanbase as it was one of the first most beloved RTS even one of the first real commercial hits EVER. Can’t beat that. And AOE3 had too many issues at launch (zoomed in camera, bad/horrible campaign story and what not) which hunt taints its reputation to this day.

Personally I think it’s a great game, super fun, and frustrating when I’m loosing, or some strategies seem unbeatable, but in general, still great, best with a friend.

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It was a treaty team game and I was playing lakota with bison spam so I had to keep bison production up and attending the villagers to the different resources and retraining half my army + rebuilding walls it might not have been 2 min, might have been 1, the main point I tried to make is that those little timeframes of units getting stuck can loose you the game.

That’s why I said Ranged unit is way too powerful
Cav costs more but it is useless against ranged unit, few pike man can stale the whole cav units and get sniped by the ranged unit
That’s unacceptable.
Cav costs much more resources than ranged unit
It is not a effective trade

Such true words ! :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Well maybe dont send ur cav into a forest then? Ofc some units have more advantages on open field while some are better in chokes/forests. Terrain is just one of the many things u have to adapt to and what makes this game fun.
Just to make it clear i dont say there is no issues with pathfinding but to a certain degree its also a Feature…


That’s absurd to take one of the poor game design as a features

Thanks to the poor path finding… well right

IMO That looks like it’s working as intended…The red hussar starts attacking in a position where it blocks the other 2 hussars from getting access to the falc so instead they try to go around the coin mine. The proper micro would’ve been to move the huss further into the falcs where all 3 of them are in attack range, then issue the attack command, or just simply make the wall to the right of the vil a gate.

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Well what exactly do u want? Cav just trampling down trees and walking through mines?

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pathfinding sucks, especially when compared to StarCraft.

I made my recommendations.
Cav sucks in open field too

I guess we just play a Different game then…

Don’t get it. I love drongo but this isn’t bad pathfinding at all here. Cossacks and Stronghold might have handled such a situation differently due to how unrealistic units move there and can sit on the same or almost same point.

I much prefer AOE3 the way it is at most times. There simply wasn’t enough space for another rider.