I cant update my mod after the patch of yesterday

Hello, after the patch of yesterday (5GB Xbox Pass Version) i cant update my mod.
I go in my mods menu in game, i click on the local mod, i click top right “update mod”, start the publication, it go complete, but there arent differences on the market, remain the old version.
I tried many times and nothing work.


I have the same problem.

Hey you two…are you seeing the status as “Out of Date?” Does quitting and relaunching help at all?

We do have a bug we’re tracking around this, but the patch shouldn’t have caused it, so this may be a new one.

No, I am unable to publish new mods or update ones on the store. I get the same UI error either way.

It’s be super helpful if you both could contact support with your warnings.log and EssenceEditorLog.txt files. Thank so much!

Now today the things are changed.
I did 2 videos.
First video is a bug the sometime is like the game doesnt connect with the market, it dont load nobody mod, the list is empty.

The second video is that now i can update the mod, i think is “updated”, lol, but remains the message for example that my local mod is different of the public mod.

@Toriga4198 This is a bug we’ve seen (fix should be coming), but I believe usually a restart of your client would fix it. I think this might be a bit different—I’m going to punt it over to the UGC team and hopefully they will know exactly what is going on. Really appreciate the videos!

Upload of mp4 with the forum doesnt work, general error, for this i used other website.