I can't update my published mod or publish a new mod

When I tried to publish a new mod, it failed, and the error code is C27T-9995R01*000 414D506200CA.

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I’ve had the save issue for weeks now too. Some maps I was able to publish, but some I simply cannot and they error code I get is:
C27T-9995R01x000 414D5062012A

The maps that I cannot publish HEAVILY (exclusively) re-use script from the official Mega Random maps.

Hey @DrVan , I have this problem intermittently and I found removing all special characters from the mod name and description has helped.

Hope this helps!

I’m getting this too. My map has quite a lot going on in it, many markers and a couple thousand lines of scripted action. Removing special characters hasn’t changed anything unfortunately.

ok so my specific problem turned out to be that my thumbnail was too large! I shrank it to 1600x900 and it published just fine. I knew that 16x9 aspect ratio is necessary for publishing, but I didn’t realise there was some max size limit.