I cant upload mods!

I’ve been weeks now trying to upload a mod of custom civs my friends and I were very exited to play, and Im very dissapointed that I can’t upload it, and because of that, we cannot play it, even after we all installed the mod locally, because the multiplayer lobby creator doesn’t let use select a data pack from you local installed mods (which is absurd, that is locally installed doesn’t mean that people I play with can’t have the same files as me).
Thing is every time I tried to upload the mod through the Age of Empires website the loading circle after submiting the mod lasts for 2 seconds before dissapearing, after that NOTHING happens, no notification, no mod publication, no nothing. If I try again, again nothing happens. I tried publishing the mod through the game, and every time a message saying something like “unable to create zip file” appears, and the mod is again not published. I paid for this game and it’s very dissapointing to have issues like this one not being adressed for so long.

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Was it made with Krakenmeister civ builder?

Yes, it was. Why?

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This will sound really insensitive, but I’m hoping they are starting to crack down on Krakenmeister mods. There are too many already. At the same time, @DodoNotDoDo, I think it might be more likely something is wrong with the mod website uploading, based on some other topics as well.

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I could finally upload my mods and Im quite happy. But Im sad for what you said. When I search for the words “custom civs” I don’t see many of those mods at all, I hope you don’t think it should not be allowed to upload such mods, since I myself enjoy them a lot.

Go to the mod browser website. Search UI. Almost all of the results will be civ builder entries. They will also have a data mod that goes with it. Don’t search custom civs, people name their civs, search either civs or UI, or maybe data if you want evidence.