I changed Manipur cavalry(but it didn't work out, help)

sorry, I have a question about how to change a game file, first of all, I found guide
on YouTube

, it talked about advanced genie editor, based on this guide I found a similar program in the game files and tried to change the effect of technology Manipuri cavalry, after changing the game started to fail at the entrance, when you start the game, and opening up the tech tree, fortunately not had to reinstall the game, after a rollback, everything was back to normal, searching on the Internet the reasons for this did not really found, but noticed mods Data base, in which the changes were similar to what I plan to carry , I installed some of these mods( pop 100 for house and balancing of certain technologies) using the in-game system, but they did not work, I noticed that unlike other mods they have instead of a tick before the name was gear, I have questions about how I can change the game through advanced genie editor 3… if it is not possible through it, then how do I create a data base mod and use it?

now I kind of managed to create a mod it appeared in the game, but it like the rest of dato mods does not work

Oh I found how to enable mods, thank you all