I compiled all the boar(ing) videos I could find to one playlist


I don’t know if anyone wanted this or asked for this but I got the idea to compile all the numerous boar videos on YouTube I could find and put them to one playlist. There are definitely a lot of videos about the AoE2 boar: how to lure it, the mechanics of it, how to save a villager, how to lame a boar, etc, etc. Some are as long as over 20 minutes and some are as short as 30 seconds. I did not include videos that were just clips from streams or matches or which I found redundant in the context of the other videos (even so, this playlist amounts to no less than 16 videos!).

Here it is! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK-9Aa5CBPHb7RaqsUXOYCqJuXmi-1jpE

The videos per chronological order and short descriptions:

2012-03-28 “Zero to Hero - The Boar Lure” - by ZeroEmpires
Duration: 05:14
This video predates both Definitive Edition as well as the HD Edition (or what is now called the 2013 Edition). It is certainly nostalgic to see the good old low res graphics and large trees.

2015-08-27 “Boar in AoE2” - by Spirit of The Law
Duration: 17:07
On everything from “should you lure boar” to “why there’s no optimal time for loom”. A decent amount of numbers and rates guaranteed!

2016-03-01 “Fancy (Dangerous) Boar Luring Trick” - by Spirit of The Law
Duration: 06:43
Introduction to the way (and dangers) of shooting the boar with the Town Centre.

2017-01-17 “TheViper’s Tip of the Day - #2: Save your Forgotten Boar luring Villager!” - by TheViper
Duration: 00:57
How to save a dying villager using building foundations.

2017-01-30 “TheViper’s Tip of the Day - #6: Boar Block while Luring”
Duration: 01:08
Shows how to assist your luring villager by using other units to block the boar’s chasing patch.

2017-03-24 “Aoe2 Bugs, Glitches, and Fun - Episode 1: How to Steal Boar Using Relics” - by T-West
Duration: 02:46
An explanation of the relevance of Gaia Line of Sight concerning boar lures.

2019-10-29 “Easy To Advanced Guide #2 | The Perfect Boar Steal NO HP LOST!” - by MBL
Duration: 03:14
How to in Voobly lame a boar mid-lure with an eagle-scout.

2019-11-29 “Aoe2 DE: Why Boar Gather Points are More Difficult to Set” - by T-West
Duration: 02:00
Boar luring difficulties in the early DE days. NB: this phenomenon is no longer present in any version of AoE2.

2019-02-18 “AoE2 Boar & Gaia Secrets!” - by T90Official
Duration: 06:22
An explanation of how boar LOS works as well as a showcase of the phenomenon being exploited in competitive gameplay.

2019-11-12 “Aoe2 DE: You Only Need to Shoot the Boar Once” - by T-West
Duration: 02:23
Another look into how the boar behaviour changed with the release of the Definitive Edition. NB: some behaviour described in the video is now only present in older versions of AoE2 (concerning how many arrows do what).

2019-11-19 “75% of Players Don’t Do This! (and they should)” - by ZeroEmpires
Duration: 24:21
This almost half hour long video shows everything from various degrees of luring and mechanics to relevant civ bonuses.

2020-01-29 “Aoe2 DE: Town Centers Can Hunt Boar for Food” - by T-West
Duration: 02:14
Another short peculiarity of the Definitive Edition boar was the ability to kill it with military and Town Centres and still be able to collect food from it. NB: this phenomenon is no longer present in any version of AoE2.

2020-05-14 “Luring Boar - Two Minutes Or Less” - by Forgotten Empires
Duration: 01:14
From the developers themselves, community manager Matthew Turk describes what a boar is and the basics of how to get it back to your Town Centre.

2020-07-25 “What makes a successful boar lure?” - by Hjörleif
Duration: 00:30
This half minute video gives you in a nutshell what you should want in the typical boar lure.

2020-07-25 “How to lure a boar in AoE2 shown in 45 seconds or less (garrison method)”
Duration: 00:44
How to lure a boar by garrisoning and ejecting your villagers. This video uses plenty of arrows and frame freezes to help visualise what is being explained.

2020-07-29 “How to lure a boar in AoE2 shown in 45 seconds or less (basic method)” - by Hjörleif
Duration: 00:44
This video is pretty much identical to the previous one but shows probably the more conventional way of only garrisoning the luring villager.

2020-08-03 “How to lure boar like TheViper shown in 60 seconds or less” - by Hjörleif
Duration: 01:00
This was made based on how popular competitive player TheViper plays. Like the former videos, arrows and frame freezes are heavily used in an attempt to make the video clearer. While perfectly intelligible in one go on its own, the video is full of sidenotes and pause reading for the viewer who wants to know more or is new to some things.

I hope I’m not the only one who found the rich supply of boar videos interesting 11



These vids are boaring…

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This is great
A lot of low ELO players (myself included) need to watch this

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