I couldn't take it anymore and I went to play AoE 2


Hi, I could no longer play this game.
This game is about 70 percent complete.
Today’s patch broke the game even more … replays still don’t work.
It’s crazy overall that we paid 60 euros …

The graphics hurt my eyes … so childish that I’m sick of it …
I hope someone makes a proper RTS strategy …

Hooray for AoE 2 it’s a gem in RTS.

Try to go back to AoE 2 and you will see the beauty … the details, the animations, the arrows of the trajectory. arrows do not hit and much more


and the smurfs as well

It’s a good thing you came here to let everyone know!


While we can all agree aoe4 got plenty of issues, it’s at least 10x better than aoe2. Aoe2 was good for its time. Amazing. Never before seen such a good game 20 years ago. And it was more impressing in 1999 than aoe4 is in 2021. But this is just because our standards are higher. Aoe4 vs aoe2 is not even a thing. It’s aoe4 and aoe2 don’t exist anymore. Aoe4 fixed a lot of issues. Like in aoe2 how you are able to outrun arrows from 3 meter away and dodge them by running back and forward. Absolutely ridicilous and unrealistic


No matter how well AoE4 does in the long run (very well I hope) AoE2 is still going to be one of the two most popular AoE games. It’s active player numbers haven’t even taken a hit from the AoE4 launch.


Aoe2 didnt take a hit from aoe4 launch because people saw the PR from aoe4 and realized they had aoe2 in their steam library. Lot’s of people are coming over to aoe4 , playing almost only aoe4 and you kid yourself if you don’t believe it. Viper is one of them.


Ok sure great. Personally I’m like 70% on 4 and 25% on 2.That does not change what I said at all. Quite the opposite in fact, AoE4 doing well helps AoE2 do well.

I just wanted to clarify this. Because some people say aoe2 numbers havent taken to insinuate people arent moving from aoe2 to aoe4

Well I was just clarifying that you comment that aoe2 doesn’t exist anymore is nonsense. It’s doing just as well as ever right now. This game doesn’t need to kill AoE2 to be a success, nor will it. They can both thrive.


Age 2 has better graphics
Age IV has better game play ( with a lot of issues and balance problems)

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Eh, I like AoE4 over 2. I do like AoE2 for all the mods, so I still play it sometimes.

To say aoe2 didnt take a hit really has nothing to do with AoE4 considering nothing stops a person from playing both.


they said that replays wont work on this update (at least replays on olders builds dont work)


why it is childish , for me it looks good.

im tired of that game , for me its only fun to play with friends , also for me aoe2 is lifeless with the 2d graphics.


Thank you for letting us know… I guess? I enjoy this game a lot despite the issues with it, and it’ll only get better from here most likely. Some of you guys make it sound like this game is cyberpunk level of chaos lol.

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AoE2 is a great game, But mangonels are even worse there and arrow dodging micro is just tedious. Monks too… And agression in random teamgames is basically conceding the game because you have no power of taking down enemy TC before castle age. Then the pocket shows up with fully upgraded paladins wrecking havoc to everyone. Basically in AoE2 teamgames pocket always has to boom since TCs are so cheap.

What I am trying to say is that AoE2 has its faults as well. It is kind of slowpaced and game is usually over after 1 proper fight after 3 minutes of trebbing. In my opinion AoE4 has better pacing, more action and lot more unit variety, AoE2 might be more strategical and microheavy but it is like owning a smart turtle over stupid dog. You can love the turtle, but it won’t provide you as many amazing moments.

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Bye. Godd Luck. Have fun.

This is such a steam forum response, we certainly are capable of having some discussion without the passive aggressiveness.

It is, but then again, so is the OP, so kinda warranted imo.

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:turtle: :turtle: :turtle: I love the turtle then.

I hope you enjoy any game you end up picking.

I can understand that you dislike the passive aggressiveness. But on the other hand OP sounds like they’ve already made their decision lol.

I don’t intend to spend time on arguing with them about something they’ve already made their mind up on personally.

The fact they posted it like some sort of public announcement is also a little funny.

But enough time to respond, though. shrug

I admit- it is a little funny, at the same time though-- Homie might just need to vent a bit. I sure he feels like he wasted 60 dollars.