I dislike the flat 5 trample damage as trample damage

The only reason for this is that it doesn’t discriminate between units. Cataphracts are great against infantry but their trample damage applies equally to infantry and cavalry. In a more bizarre situation of Halberdiers vs Teutonic Knights, Halberdiers deal 1 damage when attacking directly but 5 damage in trample damage.

I strongly suggest we use the % based approach. I personally root for 33%, though 50% can also be good. The only imbalanced situation would be (maybe) Druzhina Halberdiers vs Cavalry since 12.33/18.5 damage per hit to adjacent cavalry sounds too strong.

I don’t ask them to change it, but I want to have some logical argument for the reason. Obviously the original devs who thought of this have left, so it’s a dead end there.


I’m not an expert but as far as I know there are 4 kinds of trample damage in the game. The Cataphracts; the Druzhina infantry; the Elephants and now the new Light Cavalry
Each of those are different from each other
Not sure how or why, some are porcentaje some are flat damage ignoring armor and some take the armor into account


Stuff like this is fun and interesting.
Why get rid of it?
If you make trample work like it does for elephants where it needs to account for armour, even at 50% trample damage it would be massive nerf to their combat ability.
The only way it would be good is with that ridiculous halbedier example you posted, which is something that shouldn’t exist.

Having Logistica work like you suggested makes their cataphract (an expensive unit that is easy to kill with archers and defensive buildings) even weaker.

So your post boils down to nerfing already weak units.
Why? For what purpose?


No there are many other types of Blast Damage:

  1. Regular 100% style (default behaviour for all units) - Battering Ram line (but only against buildings and siege)

  2. 50% effect - War Elephants

  3. 25% effect - Battle Elephants

  4. 33% effect - Scout Cavalry line

  5. Flat 5 damage - non ranged infantry and Cataphracts

  6. Tapering damage - Petards, Demolition ships, Flaming Camels, Mangonel line, Bombard Cannon line

Scorpions, Ballista Elephants and Caravels do not have blast damage.

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