I dont fcking want to play on the fcking indian server

In the ranked mode, game doesnt allow us to select server. Blocking unwanted servers via firewall used to work, but it doesnt anymore.
I dont want to play on the fcking indian server where my ping is 2 second.and half of network packets are lost!

This problem several times caused me stop playing this fcking game, but after sometime i turn back. Apparently this time im gonna give a long break. ■■■■■■■■!

Do you live in India?

Ça c’est une sacrée production de sel, plus sérieusement, ça ne sert a rien de se mettre en colère pour cela, tu aurais pu contacter le support technique.

Chinese players: you will get used to it :rofl:

im thousands km away from it. I am just in EU lol. But still this ■■■■■■■ game puts me on india and kore server.

what will technical support for this ? they already know that issue, and they dont allow you to search game when you block some servers through firewall.

en ce cas tu crée une exception dans ton pare feu pour le jeu