I don't know the meaning of Dravidians Icon

Black Dhal Shield looks like metaphor for Dravidians skin color
But what do the four cyan dots mean?


Tamil Swastika Symbol with 4 points?


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What is the symbol for Bengalis of the figure in red walking like a crab?

Bengali Swastika Symbol


Pretty sure this is just a shield and nothing to do with dark skin.


As a dravidian myself, i can confirm that we are as black as the shield shown. And if u were really curious about the dots its called ayudha eruthu (pronounce r like an american r), the dots are in our alphabet and the golden tip symbolises god shiva as cholas are shaivites


What does that mean?

Name of legacy letter in Tamil language which is in the form of 3 dots in arranged in triangle shape. The name ayudha ezuthu means weaponized letter

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But it is 4 dots not 3 in the shield.

long long ago it used to be 4 but eventually it was reduced to 3

Got any articles to describe what you are saying?

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(5) Ayutha ezhuthu is rarely used in the Tamil language. What is the origin of its name and meaning? Was it to express variation, such as ka-kha? - Quora