I dont know what to upload on crash logs

i see many files and idk what to upload

Hi @raulramirez91, Please see this too c for help: 📌 [HOW TO] Find and share CRASH LOGS


which one is it?

Share all of those logs.

Do these logs actually help you? My game also just crashed during a 3v3 match when we were just turning it around and went on offensive and then bam game not responding and gone. Quite sad.

I guess is deserved the drop since I was using that dutch medicine card bug Is which is Hella broken. Villager acutlally cost - 15 food. Can be expoleted further by queuing and dequing to actually spent food that doesn’t exist.

Other known exoitable bugs is the Indian and chinese consular bug (Analog to the fixes Japan bug)

report that on bug report forum