I don't think AOE 4 really needs more civs atleast for 1 year

First fix what we currently have, tone them nicely, oil them nicely and let people have fun and get proficient at existing ones, then from the learning devs get add new civs. All the civs currently provide very unique playsytles without becoming too much different. All have good counters and weakness.

So maybe things should just calmdown after release.


I think that 1 year is not a long time in AoE franchise. I mean, people are still playing 20 year old games 11
So yeah, I think that the first year would be way too early for any expansions. Time will be needed to establish a meta with the existing stuff for sure.

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I want to learn and play all civs properly and this takes time. I think 8 civs are enough for the beginings.

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Exactly same here. Just give us some breathing time.

As long as the original 8 are balanced well first then I don’t see the problem of adding more afterwards. Sure, give it plenty of time to make sure they’re balanced but might not have to be a full year.

Exactly, the 8 civilizations that will be at launch are more than enough to keep us busy for at least a year, so let the developers add more civilizations at their own pace so they make them as great as possible.

I just don’t want them to add just for the sake of doing it, then we have the same issue that AoE2DE has in my opinion with way too many civilizations and too little difference between most of them.


Based on the expansion release dates for both AoE2 and 3 there seems to be a one year gap between each one. Though, they could release a single civ and push it out every six to eight months or so. Anyways, just waiting for the day I can weeb out and play the Japanese.

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Why are you even telling us that they need “breathing time” like a concerned mother? What should that accomplish?

You can be sure they already have plans when to release what. And if we go by AOE2DE’s and AOE3DE’s content drops, they don’t give a damn about good balance on release. I’d argue that they overpower the new content on purpose to create hype and force people to buy. Then nerf it back into a kinda balanced state after a while (or leave it in the dirt… *Sad steppe lancer noises*).

It’s a win-win for them: Dumb people love the new content since they can own with it, and people who don’t like OP civs will love them for patching it and for “understanding and reacting to the community’s concerns”.
They basically create a problem on purpose to then solve. It’s kinda genius :salt: :salt: :salt:


Yes , We need to have a balanced core of vanilla Civs before any expansions

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United States civ was added to AoE3DE 6 months after launch

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they are money hungry. they wont pass a year without releasing a civ.

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I suspect that they make more than 8 civs but 8 civs are in main game. After release they dont need to make new civs because they are ready afterall

I’d argue that for aoe3DE the continuous trickle of new civs is really bothersome. At least so far some new civs have created serious balance issues. I’d rather see them put in more effort to balancing and making the current civs fun than see them continuously release new poorly balanced civs while ignoring existing issues.


Need a Korean civilization :smiley:

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I want Japanese and Korean civs especially an Imjin War campaign.

1 Year without new civs for an AoE game? I disagree, atleast 6 months after would be great to add more civs and more campaigns alongside new game modes.

The 4 campaigns of the base game is nothing compared to the multiple campaigns of AoE 2 DE while we are getting mod support at 2022.